on fitbit.

I was emailing with a friend today and she asked me a question about my fitbit, so I decided to address it here.  Honestly, what better way to answer a personal email than by posting a public response for the world to see?

Hi Adie.

Here’s some history…

Before I had a fitbit, I worked out pretty regularly, but I could get over the guilt of not working out pretty easily.  Fast forward to a few months ago when we were having a dinner party and 2 of our friends were talking about their fitbit.

They didn’t claim that it had magical powers, but they did claim that it encouraged them to take more steps.

I am one of those people who requires instant gratification.  When I decide that I need something, I need it right then.  In this case it was fine, when it comes to chocolate, I try to avoid getting to the needing it stage as much as possible.

Anyway, all tangents aside, I ordered a fitbit right after said dinner party.  My beautiful pink and black pedometer arrived a couple of days later, I plugged it in and I started tracking my steps.  I would have assumed that I walk a ton.  Walking the dog, walking through airports, to and from the hotel, etc etc. It turns out that on days that I don’t make an effort to work out, I usually don’t hit 10K steps – especially during the week (hello desk job).

I wore my fitbit regularly for about a week when I first got it – I was super excited to track steps and it made me more motivated to go to the gym.  And then it broke.  I wore the device on my sports bra (TMI?) during a workout and apparently sweat and fitbit don’t mix.  Damn.  So I wrote to the fitbit support email and they sent me a new one, but it took a full week to arrive.  Speedy response to email, slow to send new device.

I went through another month or so of being fully addicted to my fitbit and then I managed to lose it someplace in Petsmart.  I don’t know how these things happen to me, but they do.  After crawling on the floor in the dog food aisle, I almost cried in the Petsmart parking lot (because I’m cool and collected like that) and I told myself that losing the damn thing was ruining all of my good efforts.

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.  I went right home, ordered a new fitbit (swearing at myself the whole time) and it was in my hands within 24 hours.  If you’re wondering, I ordered a blue one because clearly pink was against me.

Anyway, I’ve been seriously addicted since.

I don’t go a day without putting it on first thing in the morning.  It has 100% changed my view on “going out of the way” to get something – anything.  Parking far away, running upstairs for something, going back and forth to the printer 65 times… but especially, it’s changed the way that I think about being active.

I am training for a couple of upcoming runs (I never EVER thought that that would come out of my mouth), but on every other day, I am doing something active.  Usually it involves the gym or tennis or just taking the dog on an extra long walk.

I have upped my daily goal from 10K to 12K steps, which I surpass almost daily with closer to 15K average.  No one is telling me to move, no one is yelling at me if I don’t, but being aware is what changed things for me.  Aware and accountable. I know that getting my steps isn’t going to make a huge difference on the scale, but it is making a huge difference in pushing myself to do things that will change the scale.

I am a HUGE fan of this product (and I am not getting a damn thing for saying that).  The website is user friendly, the support has been good and honestly, it just works for me right now.

There are a couple of things that I don’t like:

  • I think it should be sweat proof
  • I think that it should notify you that the battery is low
  • It could be a teensy bit thinner

Those things are far outweighed, for me, by the push I give myself for wearing it.

Let me know if you end up getting one – you can even friend me through the fitbit website so that you can see my progress!

Have I convinced you that you need one, Adie? 🙂

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  1. Very cool. I think I’d be embarrassed at how few steps I take. Although I do dance around a lot during the day with my kids (at home…at school) so that would count, right?!