On My Nightstand, But Not Getting Read…

Every night I have REALLY good intentions of wrapping up life and responsibilities at a reasonable hour so that I can cozy up under the covers and catch up on some of the books that are collecting dust on my nightstand.

The last time that I read was a few nights ago and I read about 6 pages and fell asleep with the book in my hand. I’m sure it looked cute (Ha!).

I’m not complaining too much, life is good to me lately… but I miss reading for pleasure. I have a few books on the nightstand that WILL get read before 2015 because my list of desired reading materials is growing daily. I have a week by the pool in Mexico coming up in December (with lots of childcare coverage!), so if nothing else, books will get read then.

I actually hope to steal a few minutes tonight to make some progress on The Dinner because at this point I just want to finish it! I’ve been reading it for weeks and have enjoyed it but keep forgetting what I was reading. Silly work taking up so much time :).

Also waiting in the wings is The Happiness of Pursuit and Yes, Please!


I heard about The Happiness of Pursuit from this Elise Gets Crafty podcast, episode 26, where she interviewed the author, Chris Guillebeau. The author traveled around the world in his own personal quest. It sounds like it will be a pretty remarkable story… if I could just start it.

And Amy Poehler – HIGH HIGH hopes for this one. I love Amy lots and Yes, Please is already getting great reviews.

Luckily I am getting SOME reading in – lighter than normal, but still quality :). Simon is currently enjoying eating the Indestructible Books, but when he’s not drooling on those we are reading:


Alpha Block – this book is really awesome. Simon is completely into it. I love the letter cut outs and am positive that he’s going to be really confused someday about why I always change what the letters stand for… M is not moon, it’s Mommy, for example. I say it really emphatically though because I am really looking forward to hearing MAMA from that little bug.

The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayons Quit – one of our (my?) favorites for awhile now. I’m partial to acting the part of the crayon – all colors have a unique voice. I’m not sure if Simon likes the colors / story or his crazy mom reading in different voices, but it’s a keeper for sure.

no fits nilson

No Fits, Nilson! is by the same author as our beloved Stop Snoring, Bernard! Both of these books have great illustrations and a good story line. No Fits, Nilson! encourages good behavior when Amelia constantly reminds her friend Nilson not to get upset at silly things. Also, they talk about banana ice cream which is a favorite flavor in this house.

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

Lastly is a book that Aunt Cristin gave Simon very early in his book club series. We’ve read Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes almost daily ever since – I think Simon likes to look at the babies :).

What’s on your nightstand? Any recommendations to add to my growing pile? My own or Simon’s? We have a bit of a family book addiction around here. …At least one of us is finding time to actually read the ones we buy!

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8 thoughts on “On My Nightstand, But Not Getting Read…

  1. I’m in the middle of reading The Goldfinch. Really enjoying it! It’s hard for me to get into books, but now with my longer commutes to work I have the audio version and can’t wait to get into my car for the drive!

  2. I feel you!! I really want to get back to reading on a regular basis. Duty is calling right now, but that is one thing I really enjoy about winter…more time for hibernation :). Thanks for the kiddie book suggestions too :).

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