on the road.

I’ve neglected the blog a lot, but it’s only because I’ve been traveling for work again.  I had about 5 months off and now I’m back on the road.  To Oklahoma City.  There is very little positive that I can say about this and so, I’ll say very little.  I did not want to start traveling again.  I especially did not want to start traveling to OKC.  I’ll leave it at that, except that I do have some pictures to share… classic, for sure.


(In the event that you’re confused, a sign to point out rice vs water.  And chocolate syrup on the side in case you’d like to flavor either one.)


(I don’t have a clue about this van, but it was near my hotel.  The jail is also near my hotel, so that may have something to do with the van. All I know is that if I needed a drug lawyer, I don’t think that I’d want him to show up in a Flower Power van.  Or maybe I would.  Who knows.)

(The Flaming Lips apparently have an art museum(???) in OKC.  The outside is painted with some cool stuff… the front door is a womb.  You’re welcome for not posting that.)

(There is a limited entertainment in the evenings in OKC.  We played Apples to Apples the other night… my first time, but I bought it on Amazon the same night – it’s funny.  Or it was when I played.)

This weekend was our monthly super club, which happened to be at our house.  The hosts always choose a theme and since I’m traveling, I wanted to make it as easy as possible. Our theme was “recipes you can find on Pinterest”.  Easy, no? Yes.

J and I made stuffed shells and graham cracker, cheesecake, chocolate chip bars.  The stuffed shells were ok, but the bars were devine.  We also made chocolate covered orange peels.  Hello lover.  Recipes for the sweets are here and here.  I highly recommend both desserts.

Now, I’m off to bed.  Early flight in the am.  Bluch.


2 thoughts on “on the road.

  1. chocolate + orange is my favorite chocolate + “something” combo… closely followed by chocolate + mint and of course, chocolate + peanut butter. and apples to apples is a FUN game! i check goodwill for one often (my friend found a brand new, unopened on there once!), but so far no luck.

    safe travels tomorrow, friend.
    i’m so sorry okc is yucky.

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