We celebrated Passover this weekend (next year in Jerusalem?).

Every year my brother and sister-in-law host us at their house.  I usually bring a side dish or dessert, but they do the majority of the heavy lifting / cooking.  This year’s meal didn’t disappoint and I even added a couple of new dishes.


Thanks to Pinterest and Google, I found a bunch of (what looked to be) tasty Passover recipes.  I made these Passover popovers, these potato latke muffins, this mousse and this cheesecake.

The popovers were really good.  Like my Bubby used to make, but for some reason hers were less dense.  My brother says that I have a “heavy hand” with anything involving matzo meal – my matzo balls and now my popovers turned out yummy, but dense.

Latke muffins were ok.

Mousse was really good, but very rich.  I used Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate, which aided in the richness, I’m sure.  I topped the mousse with fat free (ha!) coolwhip, chocolate shavings and some strawberries.  Deeeeeelish.

The cheesecake was ok, but I made it in the wrong size pan, so it was flat and unattractive.  Also, the macaroon crust was too tough to cut.  I won’t make it again.

Thanks for hosting the family Adam and Cristin – everything was delicious, per usual.

Next year in Jerusalem? 🙂

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  1. what a beautiful table and delicious sounding meal!
    can you explain that first photo? i’m assuming all those little things have meaning. you can link a wikipedia page if you want 😉 i’m just curious.


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