pet peeve.

I hate when strangers (or anyone, really, but especially strangers) email me and ask me to do them an urgent favor (at 5PM, needed for tomorrow) and then reply back not with “thank you”, but with an email that basically says (rudely) that I didn’t give them exactly what they were asking for and that I still urgently need to connect them to someone else who can help them.

A) Your problem is not my problem.

B) Your procrastination does not mean that I have to give you an immediate solution.

C) When I do help (and really quickly, I might add), say THANK YOU.

Common courtesy, people! Nothing irks me more… seriously, nothing. Except maybe when I want to wear a pair of pants that isn’t quite dry and I don’t have time to wait so I put on damp, cold pants. That’s gross and irksome too.

And p.s. If you’re going to send me an email AND instant message me to ask me to respond right away – BE NICE!! Introduce yourself maybe??

I tried a new restaurant Sunday night – it’s one of my resolutions to not keep going to the same ol’ places.  And this one was great because it’s also in the neighborhood.  Score! If you live in Chicago, it’s worth a trip to Pillars.  Even my husband was raving about the experience.  And to share the love, I yelped about it.  Eat good food and pass it on.

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  1. yessssssssssssssssss.
    i always agree on the being nice, the thank you, and the WHY must other people make their problems MINE?!?! boo. hiss. boo.
    i think we’re having the same work week. ha.