project life. week 3.

I’m about to talk about scrapbooking. If you hate patterned paper, stop reading.

For those of you who have never heard of Project Life, here’s a short video and a written summary by Becky Higgins that explains the whole concept.

I used to scrapbook. A lot. I liked it. A lot. I bought products. A lot.

I’m a dork. A lot. 🙂

I stopped for a couple of reasons:

  • Lack of time
  • It became too much about wanting to get published (yes, there are LOADS of publication opportunities) and not enough about documentation, which was why I started in the first place
  • Laziness
  • Lack of interesting subjects (when both your husband and dog dislike the camera, it’s hard to find things to document)

In the last year or so, I’ve really been missing my creative outlet. I dabble in sewing, but I most enjoy photography, having someplace to put my pictures, and pretty paper. I have a very small craft space in my condo (a craft closet with a desk, really), so taking the supplies out, but mainly putting them all away, gets really annoying (see laziness above).

In December, I decided that I was going to do Project Life this year. It’s a good system for me because it can be anything that I want it to be. It can be something creative or something quick – either work. I love that I will be able to look back on an entire year, week by week at the end of this.

With a new baby in our family, some upcoming trips, friends getting married / having babies, bachelorette parties, and my (our) own life stuff, there won’t be a lack of things to document. That alone keeps me motivated.

I like that I am starting to use some of my stash from previous scrapbook days. J will be the first to tell you that I have too much (hello paper hoarder). In addition to supplies that I already have, I am using the seafoam kit, which makes everything coordinate and pull together more seamlessly.

For the most part though, I am trying not to turn this into an excuse to buy new stuff. It’s tempting though, it really is.

I started documenting at the first of the month like I said I would and so far I am not behind! We’re through week 3 and I’ve documented them all! I’m going to pat myself on the back for that.

After our yuck week last week, I wanted to document and move on, so that was my motivation.

I’m going to share week 3 first and move backwards because I think I want to redo my title page. I made the title page and week 1 spread the night / day after we put Cohen to sleep and it just isn’t me…normally I would forget it and move on, but since I see the title page every time I open the book, it needs to feel right.

My perfectionist tendencies need to be calmed for this project, that I know.

So anyway, hopefully the saddest week of my year has already happened and it’s documented.  In a way, writing it down and documenting it all helped me through some of the grief.

I’ll try for future project life posts to be more uplifting :).

Without further ado….week 3.


The first part of the week was all about Cohen. In addition to the main page, I included 2 inserts – 1 with a couple of pictures and his dog tags (heartbreaking) and another with my blog post printed.

I used different sizes of page protectors and sewed around the one with the tags to keep it all together.



The latter half of the week was spent visiting my Dad in Indiana. We had the opportunity to spend a nice weekend with my Dad, brother, sister-in-law and Margot, so we took it.

We were also able to attend my cousin’s Harp Concerto. She won a contest and was invited to play with the IU CSO. So awesome to see.

Her Mom flew in from Israel and my cousin Betsy drove in from Ohio — it was great to see everyone and really turned our week around!


(Before anyone asks… that ultrasound was Cohen’s, not mine :)).

We basically spent the weekend cuddling with Margot. She’s such a love – how can she not make you smile?

Anyway, so that’s week 3. The title and weeks 1-2 will be coming, maybe. I really rushed through those because my head was on other things…

Who else is Project Life-ing?

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  1. I just thought about the fact there’s now a Mara Go and a Margot. Isn’t that what your dad sometimes called you? A lot of thoughts, but let me summarize:

    1) I love to scrapbook. why are we the same? so nerdy? but awesome?
    2) I want a creative space. even if it is just a closet and a desk.
    3) I love the idea of the weekly scrapbook. keep it up!
    4) I love all of the pictures, even though they still make me tear up.
    5) That scrapbook already looks amazing.

    I want to leave the office. wish we were still at devon (but not in okc)

  2. i love this! the photos of c and his tags make me teary, but i love it.
    wish we could work on our weeks together! (i haven’t started 2013 yet!).