project life. week 4.

I made it through 4 weeks and I still like this project! What?!?! 🙂

Nothing super exciting this week, but here it is…

Lots of journaling this week. Lots of getting back to normal. I did add an insert with a bunch of cards that we received after we put Cohen to sleep. I was so thankful for the love we felt – texts, calls, cards… I just wanted to capture some of that love.


The card on the back is from our vet – she wrote such a sweet note about Cohen that I wanted to leave it showing.


This week J was in Baltimore, so the week was a lot about being with friends, a couple of parties and a new baby! Also, the inauguration, which I thought was cool (and my email from Barack :)).Image

On this side of things you can see Evan – day 1! Such a cutie. I joined a new gym because I wanted a gym with a pool, we got a new plant and J sat in a too small chair at a party – it was pretty funny at the time. I don’t know what’s going on with my cheek in the last picture, but I promise it isn’t there IRL :).Image

I don’t know if I love the way it all came together, but it’s done and I’m ok with that. I haven’t quite figured out my system, so just trying a bunch of new stuff to see if it works. I am printing pictures at home, which is easy, but not the highest quality. We’ll see if that continues, but I suspect it will because a) I have a lot of photo paper and b) I decide I want to do Project Life at very inopportune times.

I used a mixture of this kit and tried to use a bunch of old supplies. Those letters in JAN – I have probably had those for 4 years. Go me.

I LOVE looking back on my month. I forgot how much stuff we did in January. Even though much of the month was overshadowed with sadness of Cohen, we also did some really great stuff – I think it’s cool to have the mix documented.

I definitely hope to keep this up and I am very excited that I will be getting the Studio Calico kit this month.


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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeps. How talented are you. And pretty – I love the pictures. And yes, I’m a creep and clicked on the pictures and was awkwardly reading captions at the office. C.R.E.E.P. I love the cards. And the 0 degrees (move to TX). And BABY!!! So cute. Love! Keep us (maybe just me) stalkers updated, please!

  2. this is awesome! so totally happy you’re doing this project this year! now… if only you could come here and motivate me to START 2013. xo