project life. week 5.

Another week down and I am still on track. Wahoo! Whenever I think that I had a boring week that couldn’t possibly fill up two Design A page protectors, I go and fill two Design A page protectors. That’s what I get for being a cynic, I guess :).

Last week was good – the best part of the week being the time spent babysitting my niece and catching up with friends.

We drove to Michigan Wednesday night after work to spend a few days with J’s parents. I decided to pack up a small box of supplies and print my pictures beforehand so that I could finish last week’s layout while we’re here with a bunch of free time on our hands. I’m glad that I did because we’re pretty much snowed in today.Image

Last week I…:

  • Babysat the cutest baby on the planet
  • Received another month of a flower subscription from my SIL
  • Worked out lots
  • Ate lunch at Chipotle just to get out of the house for a bit
  • Met a close friend for brunch
  • Took pictures of cutie head twins for my friends
  • Had a Super Bowl party and played ‘Cards Against Humanity’ImageImage

The pictures of the week are a bit blurry and have a glare, but I didn’t have the energy to retake them or use my real camera (what did I do before the iPhone?).

Anyway, we’re in Michigan until Sunday (weather permitting) and then we’re back home for a bit. 

Happy weekending!

Oh, and if you’re an adult who doesn’t mind some inappropriate language, a little profanity, and enjoys laughing, go out and buy Cards Against Humanity for your next get together – you’ll thank me, I promise.

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  1. i am obsessed with your project life updates. seriously. this book is going to be the most expensive paper product in the world. but it’s going to be amazing. your weeks seem so busy!!!!!!! lots of pictures and updates. love love love.

  2. this is awesome. i can’t say enough how happy i am that you’re doing this project. also, i so want to play cards against humanity. i hear it’s HILARIOUS!