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At my day job I’ve been spending some time researching tools to objectively assess specific qualities about an individual. It’s a long story, but in the process, I’ve found some pretty fascinating tools.

How you can scientifically extrapolate characteristics about my personality based on a series of tests that ask me to click my spacebar really fast or press a button when I see a specific color sort of intrigues me. FortuneFavors1 Image from this Sherry Wither Prints Etsy shop.

Last week one of my team members who dabbles in psychology asked us to fill out a really simple psychology test as an ice breaker before one of our weekly calls. I am sharing it here because I do think that some of these really simple tests can give you some good information about your personality — I don’t know that I’d use it for work purposes, but I do think they can be insightful for the individual taking the test.

What do you think? Have you done any of these gaming assessments?

Here are the questions that my team member asked the team…I’ll provide some context at the end of the post.

Q1. Describe your favorite animal and three reasons why you like it (please describe using one word only).

Q2. Describe the insect or animal that you dislike the most and three reasons why.

Q3. Describe your favorite bird, and three reasons why you like it.

Q4. You’ve been traveling on a path for days, weeks, months and years – suddenly, you come across a huge wall. It extends all the way to the left as far as your eyes can see. You look to the right, it extends all the way to the right as far as your eyes can see. There is no turning back. What is your first reaction?

Here is how I responded to those questions:

Favorite Animal: DOG Cuddly, loyal, obedient
Least Favorite: COCKROACH Dirty, pest, hard to get rid off
Favorite Bird: CARDINAL Pretty, rare, reminds me of someone important
Wall Question: How tall is it?

So, what does all of that say about me? According to my team member…:

Favorite Animal: What you would like others to think about you.

Least favorite: What you don’t want others to think about you.

Favorite bird: Who you really are.

Wall Question: How you deal with challenges!

If you know me well, do you agree with the simple test? I think it’s easy to make a connection to this test and say that it’s relatable, but I don’t know if it really tells me anything new.

Have you seen some of these diagnostic tests? What do you think? Can they work?


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  1. wow- mine is interesting…i’m gonna make my husband do it. 🙂 I think yours matches you in many ways…especially the “loyal” comment.

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