Rainy Day Craft Idea for Baby

Rainy Day Crafts | Hook, Thread & Tinker

It’s been raining on and off in Chicago (April showers bring May flowers, right?), Simon is on the move and into everything, and trips outside are a welcome break in the day. When it’s raining, we have to get a bit creative with playtime entertainment and trying to contain our active 10 month old. He can I can only run around the living room so many times with his scooter… (though I am fairly certain Simon would do this ALL day if allowed).

Last week we wanted to do some arts and crafts with Simon, but we didn’t want to clean paint up off the floor. I had the (genius?) idea to put Simon in our guest bathroom tub with some paper and washable paint and let him have fun. Nanny Jo had the great idea to tape the paper down so that it wouldn’t move. Smart :).

Rainy Day Crafts | Hook, Thread & Tinker

We took off all Simon’s clothes except for a diaper and put his smock on. Simon chose his colors, Jo put them on the paper, and Simon created his masterpiece. It was about 10 minutes of entertainment, but I think he had fun and there was very little cleanup.

Rainy Day Crafts | Hook, Thread & Tinker

I also had less anxiety because I wasn’t visualizing the paint on the floor, on the rug, on his high chair, etc.

Rainy Day Crafts | Hook, Thread & Tinker

With a quick wipe of Simon’s hands and feet and a quick spray of the tub, clean up was quick and easy!

Will you try this? What other crafts can you do in the tub? I’m sort of addicted.

Are you doing any rainy day activities with your little one? Please share in the comments!

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