If I was one to file consumer complaints about something, today would be the day.  Bally Fitness has always been a bit sketch, but since I’ve been a member for 10+ years, I figured I’d keep going because I really can’t beat the $22/month membership.

Apparently LA Fitness bought Bally’s in some states (IL being one of them) and they were supposed to auto transfer any memberships that were up to date.  Well…I opened my membership 10+ years ago in Texas, whose clubs are not closing.

I called Bally’s and they gave me some hullabaloo about how they can’t do anything and I have to call LA Fitness.  LA Fitness didn’t even answer the phone because I don’t have a membership number to plug in to the automatic answering thingy and pressing 0 and yelling “OPERATOR” doesn’t do much either.


Obviously I am not the only one, either:

That’s crazy and left me no chance.  I thought I had a chance.  I called Bally’s several times and they just kept saying “we know, there’s nothing we can do. you could give your membership to someone in Texas?!” HOW DOES THAT HELP ME??

Bally’s screwed me over and LA Fitness won’t acknowledge my membership, so I was forced to quit.  In a time when I am trying very hard to get back into my gym routine, I AM PISSED.


Anyone know of any good / cheap gyms in the Chicago area? My problem is that I want it to be something that I can go to near home, downtown and even when I am traveling to the burbs for work… so the convenience of a chain helps.

All of that said, I think I may try one of the local (more independent) gyms near me because I’d like to support the community and I am in a fight with LA FItness.

I’d punch them if I could.

And I’d hope it left a bruise.