shit the bed!

My friend K and I have a new tradition – boxing on Thursday nights. We  joined the boxing gym a few weeks ago and have been going there a couple of times a week since we joined.

I know that makes us sound pretty tough, so I won’t admit that we’re only beginners.

Don’t be scared by my incredible toughness and massive arm muscles.

K even has skulls on her hand wraps… if pink skulls aren’t scary I don’t know what is.

Anyway, we like boxing (and we don’t even feel totally out of place).

We laugh a lot and we’re doing it together, which makes it fun, but we’re still sweaty and it’s a good workout.

We start the class every time by jump roping (and push ups and lunges…) and I am not real coordinated (at all)… jump roping isn’t something that I’m awesome at. I can do it, but not like a boxer. Admittedly I’m just not that awesome yet. (Shoot! Am I ruining my touch image by admitting that?!)

I’ve been practicing my jump roping outside of class (I’m serious when I say that it’s a good work out and I want to take it seriously).

This week when I went in, our instructor again talked to me about my jump rope skills. It’s not that I am not jumping, it’s the speed that the rope goes around and bending my knees when I jump.

I told you, I’m not coordinated.

Yesterday, I finally did it. I jumped “correctly” and my instructor actually saw me do it. When he saw me doing it correctly, he started jumping up and down like a crazy person and yelled “shit the bed!” with his British accent. (<– read that again with a British accent, it’s funnier.)

At first I just giggled and kept jumping and then I realized what he said. So I asked, “did you really just say “shit the bed”?”

My instructor is British, which already makes him cool by association. He’s always swearing, which I can appreciate at the boxing gym but this caught me by surprise because I’ve never heard the phrase before.

So… he explained to me what “shit the bed!” means…basically, that he was surprised. Jumping up and down like a man with too much energy, surprised.

I appreciate that my jump roping can cause so much excitement…

I, of course, have adopted a new catch phrase and said it to K for the rest of the night.

Use it wisely.

0 thoughts on “shit the bed!

  1. You conveniently forgot the part where he asked “what’s half of 4?” and you proudly yelled out “6!” Which is making me laugh out loud even right now!! I love our classes. We are so tough. Shit the bed I’m exhausted though!!

    • I did conveniently forget that.
      I need to stop trying to be the star pupil.
      I’m embarrassing myself.
      Shit the bed… I wonder if he’ll remember that today.
      Do you think he does uppers before class? 🙂

  2. Ummm, the title alone does it for me. Very gripping. My thoughts (in summary):
    1) I have always wanted to take a boxing class. I shall be convincing Paola very soon (hopefully).
    2) Your instructor sounds amazing. I love his exclamatory phrase.
    3) Look at you, Mrs. Workout Pants.
    4) I suddenly feel blessed that my elementary school teacher was an INTENSE jump roper and we did it allllllllll offfffffff ttttttttttttthhhhhhhhheeeeeeee timeeeee. I need to go and buy a rope!

    Keep posting!!

    • You = funny.
      If you lived in Chicago we’d be rockstar workout partners.
      But you’d be a MUCH better jump roper, so I’d be embarrassed.
      Going again today – to kick boxing – my dogs are gonna be barkin’!
      If you and Paola try it, let me know.
      She’s into all that plyrometric (sp??) jumping too…. you are going to kill it together.

  3. you are amazing. also? shit the bed just made me laugh out loud sitting here alone at my conference! that is awesome…. shit the bed!!! ha.