showered and loved.

I just printed about 50 pictures from my baby shower, which means that I can also share them here.

Nothing like procrastinating until the last-minute.

I know the event was April 5th and it is now over a month overdue for a post. I was too lazy to take the pictures off of my camera. Such is my life at the moment.

As I sit here feeling the baby move (and maybe having Braxton Hicks contractions but I have NO idea because pretty much everything feels weird these days), I figured it was as good a time as any to share the gorgeous shower that my sister-in-law Cristin, aunt Barbara and longest and dearest friend Irit threw for me.

It was THE CUTEST. For real.

Before I get into the decor I have to talk about the people who came to the shower. Some of the most important people in my life trekked in from New York, Denver (yay no snow storm!!!), Michigan, Wisonsin, Texas… Seriously, I am so blessed to call these people friends and family.

First up, my Mom, Irit, and my second Mommy (Irit’s Mom Ilene). These women helped shape who I am and I am forever grateful for their love and support.


Yes, there is a LOT of baby in there and that was a month ago… Oy. 🙂

J’s two aunts and Mom came in from Michigan. His aunt Joy on the left and his Mom on the right (clearly sisters). Aunt Joan isn’t pictured. Seriously, these are two of the nicest women you will ever meet. They are so welcoming and their hearts are so full of love and generosity.


Oh my friends. This isn’t the greatest picture but it’s what was captured and I am treasuring it.

Anna on the left is my friend from camp. We met when I was a camp counselor during college and have stayed in touch through many ups and downs of life and friendship. I am grateful for our friendship and our “pick up where we left off every time” ability…she is a southern bell with the speed of a New Yorker. She is a really bad influence on my spending :).

Next is Jess. Jess was my college roomie and partner in crime. We see eye to eye on life, we share a love of laughter and we have no shortage of conversation. Jess is tough on the outside when she has to be but her heart is so huge on the inside. We get each other even from afar and I just wished that she lived closer! Spending a couple of days in a hotel room with her trying to catch up on too much time passed was not quite enough.

Linnea. Oh Linnea. That face says “Mara, what are you about to say right now?!”. I love this girl. We actually met in pre-K and reconnected (she recognized me from pre-K!) living on the same floor at IU. This girl is so special to me… another friend that I can just pick up with like no time has passed. I am thankful for her openness and silly laugh, for her support and advice… for her “poop cup” that she gave me at the shower…

I consider these women (and Gabby!) my heart. My college years were built on these friendships. I’m not sure how I got so lucky. Marriage, kids, life has separated us but we are all still just as connected as we once were.

(That’s Aunt Joan looking back at the girls and that’s my first Chicago bestie, Marcia on the right…).


For some terrible reason I don’t have a picture with my Aunt or Cristin, but they are two more amazingly creative, supportive and much-loved women in my life. I am thankful.

I stole this image from my cousin’s Facebook page so that you could at least see how cute my family is :). I mean seriously….

FB Shower

Let’s ignore that really not at all cute picture of me and focus only on my cute Aunt and cousin Marissa :).

I seriously can’t believe that I don’t have a shot with Cristin – I have one with her in it but her back is turned. Oof – what a bad sister-in-law I am. It was even her house!! It doesn’t mean that I love her any less!

Ok, decor.

I have a ridiculously creative line of women in my life. My Aunt always throws the best parties, Irit is a tremendous artist and Cristin just has her you know what together. The three of them together meant that the most adorable shower was planned.

See for yourself.

This is the first thing that I noticed when I walked into the dining room… there were 2 clothes lines FULL of baby clothes. Adorable baby boy clothes. Baby Go is going to be one stylish kid :).


Balloons hung from the ceiling and made everything feel warm and festive. I LOVED them.


My favorite food was served. Bagels, Whole Foods salads, my Bubby’s kugel… seriously THE BEST.


The dessert table was SO CUTE (and REAL tasty). Baby Go loves cake and cupcakes — smart baby :).


photo 2 (3)



Other details throughout the house… not all were pictured… seriously, these 3 women outdid themselves!

My favorite flowers (tulips).


A place to leave a note for us…I will treasure these forever.




The sign on the mantel. HELLO cute.



I have a ton more pictures of me opening gifts and being with everyone, but you get the idea. I was spoiled. And loved.


There was A LOT of love from friends and family near and far. There was generosity out the wazoo….

Thank you ALL for being there (or there in spirit!) for me and baby Go, for showering us with love and for your endless support on this crazy journey that has only just begun.

Much much love.


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  1. Holy cow.

    No HOLY COW.

    That is the most impressive shower decor ever. I love all the desserts and the clothing line is PERFECT. How CUTE ARE THOSE OUTFITS? Ohhh little boys in bow ties!

    I cannot wait to MEET baby Go. I am upping the ante because pictures just won’t do forever!

    You look absolutely gorgeous. Genuinely mean that – beautiful, beautiful and so happy. And I’d like to steal/borrow your blue necklace.

    Love seeing all of these pictures!