Simon Says: Bring the Diaper Wallet & Toy Nanny (GIVEAWAY)!

I keep adding more and more and more stuff to Simon’s diaper bag, aka my carry all, aka the place where I put ANYTHING that needs to come with us when we leave the house.

As Simon gets older, my cute, large but organized diaper bag is getting weighed down with too much stuff. Yesterday I went to clean out said bag and pulled out 3 changes of clothes (just in case?!), 4 toys, 3 pacifiers, 2 burp cloths, 1 bib, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pouches of wipes and 6 diapers. This is in addition to my own wallet, keys, lip gloss, hairbrush, hair ties, gum, etc. My bag was filled like we were getting on a 24 hour plane ride or moving to a desert island. We were only going to the mall for a couple of hours. Eh hem.

When I was offered the opportunity to review the Diaper Wallet and 2 Red Hens Toy Nanny I jumped at the chance because we are constantly on the go (to the nanny, to the park, in and out of the car, etc) and I thought that both products would fit our lifestyle perfectly. Not to mention that my messy diaper bag clearly needs an overhaul.

The very convenient Diaper Wallet is made by an Australian company whose goal is to make parent’s lives a bit more convenient. They design all of their products to be BPA free, so they are safe for babies and the environment.


Honestly, when I first saw the diaper wallet I thought that it was a bit bulky, but then I compared it to the diapers, package of wipes, and changing pad that I have in my current diaper bag and realized that I would actually be saving space (and have less clutter with everything all in one place!) if I switched to the diaper wallet.


Current stack of wipes, diapers and changing pad in my diaper bag compared to the compact diaper wallet.

Diaper Bag Before and After

The image on the left is without the diaper wallet. The image on the right is with the diaper wallet.

Better right? It’s been really nice to only have one thing to pull out every time that I want to change Simon on the go. I also love that I can toss it in the stroller without having to take my whole bag when we just go out for a quick walk or to the park.

Honesty again…When I was sent the Toy Nanny I was completely skeptical. It seemed really silly… why not just put everything in a bag…and then I used it a few times to bring stuff to the park and then to and from the nanny and it made total sense. I actually REALLY like it. I think that it will be really useful in the summer when we’re spending time at the lake (it’s waterproof!) or packing for a car trip to see the grandparents.


I love that this is a play mat and carry all in one – perfect for outdoor activities. I think that the mesh pockets make this even more usable. Imagine packing pool or beach toys in the mesh pockets and a picnic lunch and towels in the main compartment. Useful, right?

My original hesitancy about the Toy Nanny was for nothing. I learned that it holds a ton of toys / stuff and has a lot of uses. It also comes in some pretty cute patterns.

Toy Nanny 1

The Toy Nanny on my shoulder above is full of the toys seen in these pictures and you can barely tell that there’s anything in it.


My niece and Simon seemed to enjoy having a designated space to play too – my niece kept saying “I sit on blue circle”.

MandS Toy Nanny

I could see this being really useful during those times that you need to create a space to contain toys. “Play on the blue circle.”

Do you want to win your choice of both the Toy Nanny and Diaper Wallet? Enter the giveaway below. US and Canada residents only, please.

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If you’re interested in purchasing the Diaper Wallet, you can do that here (Australian site) or here (Amazon). You can find the 2 Red Hens Toy Nanny here.

I was given a Diaper Wallet and Toy Nanny in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Congrats to Erica H. for winning the Mustela giveaway!!

12 thoughts on “Simon Says: Bring the Diaper Wallet & Toy Nanny (GIVEAWAY)!

  1. I WANT THAT TOY NANNY!!! Seriously. That is ingenious. Our toy box gets dumped and then we grab a handful to put into our (also increasingly heavy) diaper bag/purse. Great giveaway. And I love the photos and writeup. A++ 🙂 🙂

  2. the toy nanny looks great. Id use it for all my daughters toys around the house . it would help us stay more organized

  3. I would gift the wallet to an expecting friend and use the toy nanny to contain all of my toddler’s toys!

  4. I would use both of these items! We have a baby on the way in February and I am so excited and getting ready for our bundle of joy to arrive. We are an active family so anything to help me stay organized and to entertain baby on the go is a blessing. We have 3 kids already so every little bit helps. I love your blog by the way I follow it but this one really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the compliment! Best of luck – this is a fun giveaway and it totally helps with the organization, especially if you have multiple kids with different toys 🙂

  5. I am with you on my diaper bag becoming increasingly heavier as my little one gets older. The diaper wallet would be so convenient to have in the diaper bag or with me when I don’t want the whole bag. Lately it seems every time I need a diaper I have to fish around or empty an armful of stuff before I find one, usually on the bottom and sometimes crumpled.

  6. I’m guilty of carrying a giant purse, big diaper bag, bag for my 2 1/2 year old, and more more more. Love new ideas to keep it all under control!

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