Simon Says: Get Clean With Dropps! (GIVEAWAY+Discount Code)

If you’ve been reading for awhile you know that I only promote products that I actually use, have actually tried, and actually like. I LOVE trying new products and I enjoy sharing the things that my family and I are using and loving on my blog, so when Dropps reached out to me, I knew that I wanted to try their scent and dye-free product. Good enough for Oprah, good enough for me :).

In all seriousness, I was actually a little hesitant because when a company that I have never heard of reaches out I sometimes think, “ok, what now?!”. The email seemed normal enough (ha!), she specifically referenced the Simon Says series, so I knew it wasn’t spam, and upon further review of their website, it seemed totally legit. This is when I usually start to get excited because when someone reads my blog and reaches out to collaborate, there’s no better compliment.

I was sent a large box of both baby detergent and baby boosters, as well as dishwasher detergent (it’s like they can read my to do list!!) and some sample (non-baby) laundry detergent. The box may or may not have sat unopened for quite a few days because I kept thinking, “Ugh, I have to do LAUNDRY to review this product. Lame sauce.”.

Dropps Review and Giveaway | Hook, Thread & Tinker

Cue my happy dance when I actually did the laundry – many loads in fact, and my clothes came out brighter. I am not even kidding.

No seriously. I should do an infomercial.

Dropps Review & Giveaway | Hook, Thread & Tinker - Laundry will never be the same!!

We are a household that typically buys the ginormous jug of detergent from Costco – you know the one that you can barely lift, let alone pour without spilling when it’s brand new? When I used the Dropps they were just so easy. Easy is critical these days.

I started with the baby detergent and booster and did a load of towels because I was feeling hesitant to use a new detergent on all of our clothes without testing it first. I had our towels, Simon’s towels, a dingy, much loved fleece sleep sack, and some of Simon’s not so white anymore washcloths in the mix. I am not kidding when I tell you that I was excited to fold the laundry from the dryer (this is a one time occurrence that I expect with never happen again).

The fleece sleep sack and washcloths? They came out SO MUCH less dingy than they went in. I wish I would have taken a before and after picture, but we’ll just have to go on parent’s code of honor or something.

My next load of wash was my husband’s undershirts and socks – all whites. This time I used the regular laundry detergent and again, everything came out bright and clean. Both loads were totally soft to the touch and had no smell or weird residue. Critical.

In my final, but ultimate, test load, I (and I am admitting my laziness here) threw Simon’s entire laundry basket of mixed colors and whites into the machine with baby detergent and booster Dropps. I am typically much too lazy to separate his tiny clothes into darks and lights and I thought that this would be a good test to see if his brand new pack of white onesies came out as white as they went in.

I know, I’m so brave.

Guess what? The test was successful. The white onesies are still shiny and new and his other clothes might actually sparkle. Everything is super soft and fluffy and he has worn the clothes and been wrapped in the towels and we’ve had no irritation.


I am now using Dropps for all of our laundry and LOVE both the convenience (no measuring!) and speed (throw them in under the pile of clothes). The fact that Dropps are also free of dyes and harmful chemicals is why I wanted to try them, but the convenience and ease will keep me using them. 100%. Goodbye huge jug o’ detergent.

Also, getting laundry detergent in the mail? Thanks for saving my back, Dropps.

I am partnering with Dropps to offer my readers a great giveaway! US Residents can participate in the giveaway to win your own bundle of baby products for yourself or your little one. I don’t want to buy more than one detergent for our family, so we will all use this – why not?!

Here is what Dropps says about their product:

Compatible with all washers (HE and standard) + all temperatures (cold or hot) + all fabrics + all colors

Free of fragrances + dyes

Safe for septic tanks

Never tested on animals

Made in the USA

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In addition to the giveaway, Dropps is also offering 20% off all orders (excluding bundles) to Hook, Thread & Tinker readers using code SIMONSAYS. The code is valid through June 30, 2015, so wash all of the things!!

BTW, the dishwasher detergent packs have been equally great, but what can you say about clean dishes? They either are or they aren’t… with Dropps, they most definitely ARE clean. And shiny. And happy.

The best part about both of these products is that there is zero measuring – throw in a pac, close the device, and go. Easy peasy.

Want more info? Follow Dropps on social media: Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram

Dropps provided samples of their products for me to use and review, all opinions above are my own. Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “Simon Says: Get Clean With Dropps! (GIVEAWAY+Discount Code)

  1. Okay, totally sold on these!!! Praying I win. I don’t think we’ve deviated from our current detergent in years, but I would be so willing to try something less-chemically than what we’re using. Great review, Mara!! xo

  2. I’ve never heard of this product before your post but hey if they make clothes brighter I’m all ears!!! I’ve never had cleaning products delivered but again, I’m a busy mom that is all about making life easier! I’m assuming the packaging is designed to withstand different temperatures and prevent you from receiving a big mess. We love getting packages, especially my son when he can play with the box so it’s certainly something that I’ll consider.

  3. Would love to try this detergent… And totally agree that ANYTHING that shows up on my doorstep these days is better than going to buy it in a store 😉

  4. Oh bummer! The booster pacs are sold out :(. I’ll have to try back because I’m curious to try them on my kiddos clothes… Which always seem to have stains I didn’t realize we’re there until after they’ve come out of the dryer!

  5. I have not tried Dropps but would like to do so. I would not have my cleaning supplies delivered because it might be better pricing as an in-store purchase.

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