Simon Says: Nursing Support is Key – Check out upSpring + Simple Wishes (GIVEAWAY)!

Ok, actually Mara says… technicality 🙂

If you are a woman who is nursing and/or pumping (or someone that plans to do either of those things), you know that a good nursing bra is important. Critical even.

Before Simon was born I tried on and purchased several nursing bras, but none of them were a combination nursing and pumping bra. When Simple Wishes contacted me about doing a product review I was thrilled and jumped at the opportunity because having separate bras for nursing and pumping is REALLY annoying. And silly.

I complain about it often.

Initially I didn’t want to purchase a pumping bra because it seemed silly, but I quickly realized that it was a necessity. It’s pretty uncomfortable to spend many minutes holding onto the bottles while pumping. After a few days of holding the bottles, my elbows were getting a workout and I knew that I needed a pumping bra.

Having a pumping bra has become critical when I am trying to pump and work during the week (multi-tasking at it’s finest!), but changing bras throughout the day is really cumbersome.

The Simple Wishes B3 All-in-One bra came at the perfect time. I am back at work, Simon is with the nanny and I am pumping several times a day. I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone who enjoys pumping, but I can tell you that it is getting VERY old. Changing bras multiple times a day is also getting REALLY old. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I needed this bra.

SimpleWishes B3

Before I tried on the bra I thought 2 things:

1. Comfort is key

2. OMG I really hope this works because… GAME CHANGER

Spoiler alert, I LOVE this bra.

I wore it for 3 days straight last week, washed it and immediately put it back on. It is super comfortable, washed well, AND works for both pumping and nursing. It’s as supportive or more supportive than my other nursing bras – in fact, it feels a bit like my most comfortable sports bra. It’s equally as attractive as my other nursing bras but, in my opinion, MUCH more useful.

I really like the adjustable straps and the fact that I can wear it in the way that is comfortable for me. I am a fan of cross-back bras, so that was an awesome surprise feature.

In my opinion, the B3 All-in-One bra runs true to size – if you’re in between sizes I would recommend erring on the larger side. It comes in 4 colors and retails for $59. Basically what I am telling you is that you should check out the B3 All-in-One bra for nursing and pumping. It’s hugely convenient and as comfortable as any other bra that I own.


I am CERTAIN that we all look this composed while balancing pumping and whatever else it is we’re trying to get done at the same time… cheesy photos, GREAT product.

As a nursing mom, in addition to a great nursing bra, I have also needed to add supplements to my diet to keep up my milk supply… I was excited to try Milk Flow because the supplement pills I had been taking are really expensive. Read on for more about my thoughts on Milk Flow after the giveaway.

If you think that the B3 All-in-One bra and Milk Flow sound like something you would like to try, please join the giveaway below. US Residents only please.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

MilkFlow is a berry-flavored, fenugreek and blessed thistle drink with the purpose of promoting healthy breast milk supply. If you’ve had fenugreek based drinks before, you know that the taste can be very strong. MilkFlow is the same – very strong, but better than other drinks in the same category.

MilkFlow is an all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan powdered drink mix in single-serve packets. It is advised that you drink 2-3 packets per day to improve milk supply – typically a change occurs in the first week.

After drinking it 1x per day for a couple of days I did recognize a small difference in the amount of milk that I was able to pump in the evening, after Simon had nursed all day.


I like that there are single-serve packets that can be mixed with warm or cold water, juice, or with whatever you want to try. Initially I tried the drink with water and didn’t love it, but tasting it with juice was a much better experience. I am not a huge fan of fenugreek flavored drinks, but as I said, if you’re going to use one, this is a good option.

Good luck on the giveaway! Let me know if you have tried either product and what you think of them!

Congrats to Mariaelena D. for winning the Pediped Footwear giveaway!

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I was given a Simple Wishes nursing bra and upSpring Milk Flow in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.



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