Simon Says: Our Favorite Baby Products from 0-5 Months (GIVEAWAY)

I have a few friends who are pregnant right now, so I am trying to be diligent about remembering which products we love and which products were total duds. I thought that I would share a few of our favorite products for ages 0-5 months. These are products that we use(d) daily or close to it.

As a bonus, I have paired up with Combi USA to offer one of our most loved products to one of my readers, their Pod Bouncer.

If you’re looking for a great baby gift for the holidays, any of these would be much appreciated, I promise.

These are listed in no particular order.

1. Combi USA Pod Bouncer: We borrowed an older Combi Pod Bouncer from my sister-in-law who had borrowed it from a friend, so the bouncer has been well loved through several (at least 4 now?) babies. This seat was sometimes the only place that Simon would relax outside of mine or J’s arms for the first couple of months. We moved this seat all over the house, but primarily used it any time we wanted to use both hands. Eating dinner, folding laundry, etc. Simon still sits in it quite comfortably (though with a little more squirm).

More details and giveaway below!

2. Nose Frida: I’m certain that I’ve talked about this one before, but I have to include it on every fan list that I do. We use this all the time. Simon likes it MUCH better than the bulb syringe that the hospital gave us and I think that it’s much better. It’s not as gross as it looks, cleans well, and is something that I always have on hand.

3. Halo Sleep Sack: I LOVED these. I am a huge fan of the “sack” part because they zip from the top or bottom, meaning that you can change a diaper without taking the whole swaddle off it you want to. Simon used these longer than any other swaddle and they were great for transitioning away from the swaddle because we could easily wrap 1 arm, then just the torso, etc. We actually still use the sleep sack version without the swaddle when it’s super cold.

4. Sprout Baby App: If you’re about to have a baby or have a newborn, download this app. SO helpful. A friend of mine told me about it right before Simon was born and we have used it daily since. Especially in the first few weeks when you are bleary eyed and want to keep really close track of diapers, feeding, and sleep — this app was SO helpful. We have the app on our iPad and iPhones and now the nanny also uses it. We’re not as concerned about tracking certain things as we used to be, but I still track feeding, sleeping, and pumping. I love that the nanny uses it (and is tied to our account), so I can check to see how Simon’s naps are going and when he last ate without bugging her all day. Does that sound big brotherish?

5. Skip Hop Tummy Time Play Mat: This was a well loved play mat – Simon spent lots of time on it for his first couple of months and he still really likes the elephant and monkey that came with it. I washed it a couple of times a week and it has held up really well.

6. Primo Bathtub: Another item that I was lucky to borrow from my sister-in-law. We love this tub and it totally grows with the baby. We had another sink tub that Simon quickly outgrew (like in minutes), but we’re still going strong in this one and will use it until we’re comfortable that Simon can sit in a full size tub on his own. I love that there’s an infant side (before they can sit on their own) and a bigger baby side (sitting on their own).

7. UppaBaby Vista stroller: This stroller is amazing. It looks good, it rides well and it is extremely durable. I like that it comes with different seating options (bassinet and seat) and has so many flexible add-on features. I love pushing this stroller and everyone who tries it says the same thing. It was perfect for our Mesa carseat too.

8. Honest Company diapers and wipes: I am a HUGE fan of the Honest Company. I ordered diapers before Simon was born and the customer service was fantastic. I called before placing my first order, nervous that I was ordering a month of diapers in a size that may or may not fit when Simon was actually here. Their customer service representative helped me order both newborn and size 1 diapers and assured me that if we didn’t need the newborn size that we could exchange them without an issue. Mid-way through our first month I realized that Simon needed to go up a size but we still had an unopened package of newborn diapers. I called Honest Company and they included an extra package of diapers in our next month’s order and told me to keep the pack of newborn diapers. I ended up donating the newborn diapers to a local diaper clinic and moved Simon into the next size. I love the cute patterns and the environmentally friendly nature of the Honest Company, but their customer service has kept me loyal. Click here to try their diapers and wipes for free!

9. Mesh crib liner: I was adamantly against any sort of crib bumper until Simon kept putting his limbs through the crib and waking himself up. I might have ordered mesh crib liners at 3AM one night :). These have been great, they look better than I expected, and they are completely safe. Oh, and Simon no longer wakes up with limbs outside of his crib.

10. Motorola Wireless Baby Monitor: It’s a baby monitor, just like others, but having the video is the only reason that I don’t feel like I have to run to Simon every time he makes a peep. We have been extremely happy with the picture quality and love all of the different functions (like using it as a walky talky when J is upstairs and I am downstairs).

So, these are some of my must haves for 0-5 months. How about the next few months? Any suggestions of things that we have to check out?

Combi Pod Bouncer Giveaway

I mentioned that the Combi USA Pod Bouncer has been through at least 4 babies at this point and it is still in great condition!

When we first got it from my sister-in-law we took it apart and washed the whole thing in the washing machine. I was surprised at how well it washed and how easily it went back together. The color that we have isn’t the most attractive, but the new ones, the ladybug design, are so cute!


Simon has been using the bouncer since he was really young. Before he was napping in his crib he took naps in the bouncer and we often used the bouncer as a place to set Simon so that he was off the floor but out of our hands. I remember exhausted days when I would place the bouncer right next to the couch and Simon would sleep in the bouncer while I slept on the couch. Those were some of Simon’s best naps in the early days.


Simon at a couple of weeks old – Simon at 5+ months. The only difference is that we use the toy bar and harness now.

We still use the bouncer often. I tend to start my work day pretty early, before Simon goes to the nanny, and when J is getting ready for his day, I often place Simon in the bouncer in my office so that I can get through e-mails. J tends to do the same on the weekends when he needs to.


The Pod Bouncer is meant for a child between 5 and 25 pounds. Some features of the bouncer include:

  • Calming vibration system with MP3 input for music
  • Three-point harness
  • Two-position recline
  • Lockable bounce feature
  • Plush seating unit with removable head pillow
  • Removable toy bar with three plush toys
  • Storage pouch

I definitely took more advantage of the two-position recline and removable toy bar than anything else. Those two features just make the bouncer flexible for the baby’s needs as he/she is growing. Simon wasn’t a fan of the vibration, but I know that other baby’s love the soothing effect, so it’s a nice feature to have.


Are you interested in winning the Ladybug Pod Bouncer for yourself or a friend? Enter the giveaway below (US only please)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Simon says that you’ll love it!

The giveaway runs from today through next Wednesday, November 26th at midnight EST. Good luck!


I partnered with Combi USA to offer this Pod Bouncer to my readers. All opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for your support!

Congratulations to April P. for winning the Dr. Brown’s giveaway and THANK YOU to everyone that joined in.

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  1. Your contest are amazing, all the products are must have, I’d love to have this bouncer for my new peanut. She’s 2 months old now and 9lbs ! It looks like it’s working for your little Simon perfectly! (:

  2. Another awesome recommendation for the new little one. I am going to be broke soon buying all of these great products. Crossing my fingers that I may actually win this one!!! Had so much trouble with baby #1 taking naps and this was recommended once he was too big to try so I definitely want to get it for #2 so she will be as happy and comfortable as possible 🙂

  3. we have a little one on the way – arriving just after Christmas 🙂 I’d like to win for him!

  4. I’d be thrilled to win this adorable bouncer for baby #5. Our little Roman is due to arrive in January. We need a bouncer!

  5. I just found your blog and this is a very adorable bouncer. I love that this has wide-spread feet for balance. Our little one is due the end of December and I’d be thrilled to have a pod like this.

  6. Mara!!!! Your blog is ADORABLE! and I can already tell that it’s going to be an amazing resource for me – all my baby-gear is EIGHT years old – I NEED TO UPDATE!!!!!! yay! :))

  7. Expecting our first soon and this looks comfortable and adorable as well. Love the both the mp3 and reclining features.

  8. i would like to win it for my 2nd son, i gave birth last 11/15/14 and this will be perfect for him.
    Thank you so much for the chance!

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