Simon Says: Prep for Winter with Mustela (GIVEAWAY!)

I have been using Mustela products with Simon every day since we came home from the hospital.

When I asked my close girlfriends and trusted sister-in-law what products to purchase before Simon was born they all mentioned Mustela, so it was no question that I add the Mustela Newborn Set to my baby registry. Just smell the foam shampoo for newborns…you can thank me later.

I am really excited to partner with Mustela to offer a giveaway package that will help you get your baby ready for the cold weather months – enter the giveaway below.

In Chicago it is windy and cold for more months than I feel are necessary. With a baby in the mix this means that we either become hermits or we bundle up and deal with it. It’s already October and we are already bundling up and dealing with it. At least until it gets REALLY old (and REALLY cold) in a couple of months.


Simon might already be over it :). In October. Not good.

We spend a lot of time outside, walking around the neighborhood or the lake path, visiting the park, and taking public transportation when driving doesn’t make sense. After being in the cold for a short amount of time Simon’s cheeks were getting red and dry and it’s not even winter.

It is really important to me that Simon can spend time outside, but it is also obviously important that his skin is well protected. I, of course, turned to Mustela. I thought that I would wait to start using these products until at least November, but we’ve had enough bundle-up days that I started using them early.

Mustela USA Products

I think that my favorite product of the bunch (and the one that I know that I will reach for over and over again as the weather gets colder) is the Hydra-Stick. This is a product that I was familiar with before Simon was born because my niece used it all winter last year. It’s a super easy to apply moisturizing balm for cheeks and lips. Like all Mustela products it smells really good and is perfect for a baby because it is hypoallergenic and primarily made from natural ingredients.

When Simon goes outside lately I either apply the Hydra-Stick or the Cold Cream to protect his baby soft skin. I like the cold cream a lot, but it takes a bit more effort than the Hydra-Stick to apply.

Ok, that makes me sound REALLY lazy because they are both really easy to apply.

Simon HydraStick

Both products seem to protect Simon’s cheeks from the harsh wind, which I definitely appreciate. One other nice thing about the two products is that they aren’t sticky! You could look at or touch Simon’s skin and you’d never know he was wearing anything except that when he gets home from being outside his cheeks aren’t chapped from the cold.

I’ve noticed that Simon’s skin is much more dry these days, which means 2 things.

1. I won’t be giving Simon a bath every night this fall / winter

2. I can no longer avoid lotion to keep Simon’s skin soft

Part of Simon’s bedtime routine involves either a bath or washing his face. I get the impression that Simon finds both soothing, but his skin is getting dry, so I have to be more careful and need to start limiting baths, at least for the next few months.

I was really excited to receive the Facial Cleansing Cloths. Not just to use at night to make face washing MUCH faster, but to keep in the diaper bag now that Simon has started eating solids. Like the other Mustela products, the cloths smell really nice (actually very fragrant when you first pull them out). I rub them all over Simon’s face and he doesn’t flinch – likely because they’re made of mostly natural ingredients.


We’ve been occasionally using the Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream after baths to help with the dry skin and really like that too! The lotion is restorative and meant to be used on skin that is very dry, so we don’t use it too often.

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Honestly, the best part about all of these products is that Simon is completely un-phased by using them. Have you tried Mustela for your baby? Which product is your favorite?

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I was given the Mustela products shown in this post in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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p.p.s. Simon’s Burt’s Bees velour hooded bunting (similar)

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