simon says: READ to me! (GIVEAWAY!)

We started reading to Simon when he was in the NICU right after he was born. We have read to him every day since as part of his bedtime routine.

He has shown much more interest in books in the last month. If he is at all fussy I set him on my lap and as soon as I pull out a book he calms down. Honestly, it could be any book – words or no words, but still, he’s developing a love of books! So awesome!

I try to pick books that I am willing to read over and over again because although Simon’s book collection is growing, we definitely will read his books many, many times – at least until he expresses an opinion over which books he prefers. I love books that I can read with enthusiasm, funny voices, etc.

Basically I will do anything to try to coax a smile or a laugh out of my almost 4 month old.

Today’s giveaway is for new copies of Simon’s current “favorite” books.


Ok, Simon hasn’t really said that they’re his favorite, but we’ve been reading them a lot and I thought that I would share the love.

  1. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!   pigeon
  2. We are in a Book! inabook
  3. Stop Snoring Bernard! stopsnoring

We are clearly on a Mo Willems kick with 1 & 2, but 3 is so cute! We were gifted a copy of Stop Snoring Bernard! from Simon’s aunt and haven’t put it down since.

To win these three great books, please:

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I will keep this giveaway open until midnight central time on September 30.

What books are you reading to your kids? Any suggestions of favorites – new or old?

The winner of the Miss Monogram giveaway is Ashley Tucker. Ashley, please email me using the link on the Home page and I’ll connect you with Miss Monogram.

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0 thoughts on “simon says: READ to me! (GIVEAWAY!)

  1. Oh gosh, I would love to win these. You can never have too many books! I am following your blog – on Facebook too! And I will be sharing a link on Twitter 🙂 thank you!

  2. We have the first two but hadn’t heard of the third. Thanks for the heads up! I already had given you the heads up about Digger Dog. Carson also loves Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. Awesome illustrations and he gets to roar like a Tiger in it. A win/win. 🙂

  3. Thought of another one! His current obsession – although we’ve had this one for months but he all of a sudden loves it now: Doggies by Sandra Boynton. Great board book.

  4. We are big book readers here at The Nook, we got Lizzie her own library card when she was just 5 weeks old 😀 I’m a follower of your blog and we really love the rhythm and rhyming in Julia Donaldson books, but old classics are hard to resist as well like Spot (flap books), Burglar Bill, Mog, but our very favourite has been “Say Hello To The Snowy Animals”.

    Thank you for running a giveaway! 🙂 Liked and shared as well.

  5. Oh how lovely! I love a good read especially if it’s one with the kids! I have liked you on facebook and shall be taking a nosey around your blog, if you don’t mind 😉 Fingers crossed for the giveaway – how exciting! All the best, Lydia x

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  7. so happy to read this post as i finally have simon’s “welcome to the world” gift packaged up and by the front door so i can get it in the mail before it turns into a first birthday gift. HA! 🙂 oh, and if you haven’t bought “doggies” yet, don’t. 😉 xo.

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