Simon Says: We Love Dr. Brown’s! (GIVEAWAY)

When I was building my baby registry there was absolutely no question that I would have Dr. Brown’s bottles on that list. Too many moms that I know and trust used or are using Dr. Brown’s bottles and it was a no brainer for us too. I love that the products are made to reduce air bubbles and keep milk and/or formula as “whole” as possible by minimizing oxidation. I don’t know if Simon has a sensitive tummy or not, but I wasn’t willing to test it out. I can tell you that he very rarely spits up and almost never after a bottle.

Dr Brown's Bottles

We have both plastic bottles and glass bottles, but we LOVE the glass. They feel really sturdy and with the sleeve protector there’s no fear of breakage. They are extremely durable – we put them in the dishwasher multiple times per week (with the sleeve on) and have had no issues.

Simon has been using Dr. Brown’s bottles since he came home from the hospital. We breastfeed, but when he gets a bottle from dad or the nanny it’s always a Dr. Brown’s bottle. Now that he’s with the nanny Monday-Thursday he is getting many more bottles and has never had an issue with the Dr. Brown’s bottle.

Dr. Brown's Bottles

The bottles pictured are the 4oz glass bottles, which we’ve loved for our current needs.

In addition to the bottles we have also loved our Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer. The bottle warmer is really easy to use and, as new parents, it was nice that we never had to guess the right temperature for Simon’s bottles. I feel really comfortable that I always know that no matter who is giving Simon a bottle, it’s the right temperature (whether it was pulled out of the fridge, freezer or room temperature to start).

My only complaint is that the 8oz glass bottles don’t fit in the warmer with the sleeve on. Dr Browns Bottle Warmer

I was given some of the Dr. Brown’s pacifier and bottle wipes as part of a shower gift and I carry them in my diaper bag. Simon LOVES to play mommy and daddy fetch these days so I am often wiping off pacifiers or teething toys – these wipes come in handy too often.

I hadn’t used the Tooth and Gum Wipes or Nose and Face wipes until receiving them from Dr. Brown’s, but we’ve been using them occasionally and Simon seems to like them.  I’ve since added the Nose and Face wipes to the diaper bag – they’re great for cleaning up messy faces or runny noses.

Simon Dr Browns Pacifier

Last but not least, the Dr. Brown’s pacifiers…I was a bit hesitant to try a new pacifier when I opened these, but Simon really likes them! He took to them right away and kept it in his mouth for a long time! I think it may have something to do with the length of the pacifier. Either way, I am not complaining – I am thrilled that we’ve found another pacifier that works to keep his fingers out of his mouth (which is his preference these days).

I have partnered with Dr. Brown’s to offer my readers the chance to win some Dr. Brown’s goodies of their own. Trust me, you don’t want to pass this one up – you’ll love Dr. Brown’s if you aren’t using the products already.

Dr. Brown's Giveaway | Bottle Warmer, Glass Bottles, Pacis, Wipes

US and Canadian residents can enter the giveaway below for a chance to win everything in the picture above: 2 8oz glass bottles with sleeves, a bottle warmer, wipes and pacifiers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only. Good Luck!

I was given glass bottles, sleeves, wipes, pacifiers, and a bottle warmer in exchange for my honest review and giveaway. I was already using most of these products before they were sent to me – all opinions expressed are my own. 

Congrats to Erin S. for winning the Baby K’tan giveaway!


122 thoughts on “Simon Says: We Love Dr. Brown’s! (GIVEAWAY)

  1. The only paci my daughter would take were Dr. Brown’s. I’d love to win this for my sister-in-law who’s due in April.

  2. Getting prepared for baby #2!! I’ve never used dr. brown products but i wish i would have with my first baby, now i need some so i don’t make that mistake twice!! 🙂
    would love to win this little starter package. thanks for doing the giveaway

  3. I’ve used Dr. Brown bottles for my first born 6 yrs ago and loved them! I’m planning to use them again for my second child thats due 2015. It would be awesome if I could win this starter gift set to help us prepar for our new bundle of joy on the way!!

  4. I used them for my first baby and would love to try the glass bottles for my second, she’s due in March!

  5. I’d love to win these for baby #2 due next month! Just an FYI, the Instagram link to Dr. Brown’s Page is missing the colon after http so it doesn’t work.

  6. I used Dr. Browns bottles with my son, 11 years ago, and both of my daughters in the last few years.
    We’re trying for another baby and Inwould live to try the glass bottles this go around! Thanks for the chance!

  7. I’ve used them with all of my kids. 9, 7, 3…..I would love to win these for myself my baby is due on June 12th

  8. I have not tried Dr. Brown’s yet but definitely want a set for my first baby boy expected in March! 🙂

  9. I would love to get this for my newborn. She is EBF and will only take dr browns nipples aside from mine. Lol. The bottle warmer would be great for that cold breast milk.

  10. Both my baby girls love their Dr Browns. I would love to win this for a friend who’s expecting her first in January!

  11. We love Dr.brown and would love to spread the love to afriend who is having a baby this next year. My little girl find Dr brown bottles comforting and natural.

  12. I already use the plastic ones for my baby and will to try the glass ones far its been the best i have used for my baby.

  13. Love mr. Brown having my baby in 15 weeks and excited to try the glass bottles when dad gets to feed pumped breast milk 🙂

  14. I love dr. Browns and so does my son!! I hope we win this, because they’re the only bottles my sweet baby boy will use!! 😀

  15. I love Dr Brown and the eglass ones are the best to warm my ready to use Milk ,bcs my baby can not tolerate the powder.

  16. I love Dr Browns products. I have exclusively used for my son and just found out I am expecting again. I would love to try the glass as I have never used before. Thanks!

  17. to say we love Dr. Brown’s is an understatement. They saved us when we suffered through colic with our first, they were the only brand of paci’s she would take, the formula mixer saved from the seemingly inevitable groggy night bottle making, etc. now that we are on our second baby, using their products has been a no brainer. Thanks, Dr. Brown’s!!!

  18. I am excited to enter the contest as I’ve used one dr brown bottle with my preemie the NICU gave us he is now 8 months old but just cleared to use bottles again after 4 months of not being able to!

  19. I had two glass bottles from Dr. Brown and Love them. I ended up breaking one and was so upset with myself. I would love to replace the one I broke and have additional glass bottles!!

  20. Love Dr. Browns products. I have used this brand bottles for my babies.I Would love to try the glass bottles.

  21. Haven’t used Dr. Brown’s yet as the little one is due next year but I’ve heard great things.

  22. I would like to try these have seen the great reviews. I am due soon in January 2015 and need bottles for my baby boy who will be here soon

  23. I loved using Dr. Browns bottles with my first son and would be so blessed to try the rest off these fabulous products.

  24. I have not used them myself but would love to try them… I’ve had only great things about the Dr Brown brand. 🙂

  25. We currently use Dr. Browns bottles but I would gift this to a friend who is due soon and I know these are reliable and amazing products.

  26. My sister has given us a few Dr Brown’s products since our son was born a couple months ago. We haven’t been able to purchase a full set of anything yet (due to the cost) but hopefully soon! I’ve been curious about the wipes. Everyone I know raves about the brand. If we were to win we would use them for our little guy and make sure to spread the word!

  27. I love Dr. Brown’s, we used them with both of our boys. I would love these for my little girl who just turned a week old today. 🙂

  28. Love love love all dr browns products. ..haven’t tried the gum wipes yet! Anyone try them before?

  29. I heard great stuff about these bottles. My sister is expecting and would love her to use them this time around.

  30. I’ve gotten a bottle from babies r us for free and I love how it helped with baby’s gas problems. I’d love them or baby #2!

  31. I’ve never tried them but I love that these bottles are glass! I’m expecting our 3rd baby and would love to win for him!

  32. We have used the bottle before and I’m hoping to win for my nephew sharing my name 🙂 who will be born this coming January.

  33. I am a pediatric speech (and swallowing) therapist who worked with many infants with colic and feeding difficulties. Dr. Brown was always a favorite amongst infant, parents, doctors and therapists. Now that I am expecting my first baby in January 2015 I cannot wait to get some Dr. Brown’s products for baby alam!!

  34. I love dr brown bottles! I first started using them with my daughter when I got the free Christmas bottle LAST YEAR with purchase! I’ve never used the pacifiers or wipes though. Ever since I tried the bottle, I stocked up on more, and has been my daughters favorite bottle!

  35. My first pregnancy only bottles and pacifier brand my son would take was Dr. Brown I would love to when this for me.! I’m due Feb 6 (:

  36. I would love to win this for my son.. I love dr brown bottles have used them for 4/5 of my children!!

  37. I would use these on my newborn daughter. She will be 2 weeks old on thursday. I am exclusively breastfeeding and I think these would be the perfect bottle to introduce her to.

  38. Dr Browns’ bottles look great!My baby is due on January, I’m searching for nice bottles and other stuffs. It was great to know.

  39. We love Dr. Browns in our house! With a new baby due in Feb we are hoping to stock up on the glass bottles and sleeves 🙂

  40. My son was a preemie and was given two Dr. Browns bottles with preemie nipples when he left the nicu. I tried several other kinds and the Dr. Browns were always his favorite. He mostly breastfeeds now but I’m ready to venture out without him, so these would be great.

  41. Used these for my daughter and will be using them for my son due in 3 weeks. Love these bottles! Never had any gas or colic problems while using these bottles.

  42. After extensive research we’re starting with Dr. Brown’s glass bottles. Hopefully Peanut will take to them without having problems breastfeeding still. 🙂

  43. When I create my registry these bottles are defiantly going on the list. I would love to keep this set for myself. I love glass bottles! And they are made in the USA…winner!

  44. I am so excited we are going to be using dr browns bottles. My 14 year old daughter got pregnant (way to soon, trust me I know) and she is gonna need all the help she can get. My friend has a daughter with CP and she uses these bottles and I love how they work! Thanks for this great chance to win some!

  45. We use Dr. Brown’s newborn bottles and love them!! Would love to win more Dr. Brown’s products!!

  46. Love dr Brown’s! Used with my 1st dtr who had 3rd degree GERD…these bottles were a life saver! Thank u for the chance to win :). Have a baby girl due on Christmas Day 2014!

  47. Would love to win for my friend who is expecting her little one in about a month after 7 years of waiting.

  48. I have used Dr. Brown’s bottles and they are amazing but boy they can be expensive! I’d definitely use them for my son 🙂

  49. i used them for my first baby, & loved them. now I’m pregnant with my second so I would love to win these.

  50. I just began to use Dr Brown’s bottles and love them. I could use a few more bottles

  51. Ive never used it, but would love to try. Im 6 months pregnant with my first baby girl! We are just so excited!

  52. First I’d like to say that I am 21, a navy wife and a mother to an amazing little girl named Aalayah Simone Wilson. Motherhood and all that comes with it is very special to me! Every moment from the cries for help or attention to the big smiles and adorable giggles. I am a stay at home mom and my world revolves around my little girl, and of course, my husband, too. 🙂 I absolutely love Dr. brown’s bottles because my baby loves them! They are easy for her to drink from and have the perfect flow! They are amazing colic fixers and are skinny enough to fit anywhere! Oh, and of course, the look is absolutely amazing! They’re also skill proof which makes are trips so much easier! Did I mention I love the fact that they’re super affordable and on holidays you get a free one with a qualifying purchase at Babies R Us?! Awesome! I would love to be awarded this wonderful prize, however if I am not, I will continue to be loyal anyway! Nothing can make me stop buying these bottles!


  53. I learned the hard way. I tried way to many bottles before trying dr.browns. I absolutely love them!

  54. Yes, we’ve used Dr. Brown’s bottles! I used them with baby #4 and plan to with baby #5 who is due to arrive in January! We love Dr. Brown’s!

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