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One of Simon’s Hanukkah gifts this year was from Pinhole Press, a Names & Faces book that I created so that Simon could learn and start to recognize some of the most important people in his life. I chose the Names & Faces book from Pinhole Press because it was SO easy to create. It probably took me 30 minutes total time once I collected the pictures that I wanted to use – the interface is very user friendly.

Names & Faces | Pinhole Press

I chose to use the matte finish book and am thrilled with the result! The book holds 13 photos, 25 pages total, and the finished product is 5.25″ by 5.25″. You can customize many of the features including font colors and the order of the colored pages. The book ends up feeling like a high quality board book made from matte ultra thick paper. It was $29.99, which is competitive with other sites that I’ve seen.

Pinhole Press | Names & Faces Pinhole Press | Names & Faces 1

Given that the book was easy to make and is holding up to Simon’s biting and chewing, I’m definitely going to make more. I can think of lots more reasons to make a personalized book… people, places, words, favorite toys, monthly milestones…etc etc…I love that the book is 100% Simon’s and I know that when his special people have looked through it, they felt pretty special being part of it.

Pinhole Press | Names & Faces 2

Have you created a personalized book? What or who did you make it for? I’ve used other sites for different kinds of books, but Pinhole Press was one of a few that I found that offers board books.

I was not compensated for this post, though links used above are affiliate. Happy creating!

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