Sitting Up

This weekend, actually maybe it was just yesterday, Simon learned to sit. Ok, he still occasionally leans to one side, but I swear that in a matter of hours Simon went from not being able to sit unassisted to sitting like a champ.

On Saturday I wrote in my One Line a Day journal “Simon is starting to sit unassisted”. On Sunday I wrote “Simon sat by himself a ton today. He also sat in a restaurant high chair and a shopping cart for the first time.”

Big day yesterday!

Could this explain the rough night of sleep on Saturday night? Was his body just gearing up for new adventures?




Simon loves this box of toys that we keep next to his chair. They’ve become quite a distraction lately so I have thought about moving it, but I haven’t yet. Simon likes to pull everything out to get to whatever it is that he wants. It’s pretty cute. Maybe next weekend he’ll also learn to put everything away. 🙂

A big thank you to J for taking these pictures while I was napping yesterday morning. I love it when someone else is behind the lens capturing their version of our story. So much love for these perfectly imperfect photos.

How was your weekend? Any new life skills to share? 🙂

P.S. This Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy is baby magic. Simon could be having a HUGE meltdown (not that those happen – ha!) but if you hand him this toy or start playing the music he calms down instantly. We got it from a friend whose baby also loves it – add it to your registry / shopping cart immediately.

Guess what, the Combi Pod Bouncer Giveaway is still going, it ends this Wednesday at midnight ET.

4 thoughts on “Sitting Up

  1. YAY! Simon! Seriously the cutest. He is so inquisitive! Isla also sat for the first time last week. Is it possible to reinstate that we have twins too much?? How was the grocery cart experience? I need to move to that because Isla takes up SO MUCH space in her car seat! xo

    • He liked the cart! I actually thought that he was more patient than when he’s in his car seat, so that was awesome. I want Isla and Simon to meet SO bad!

  2. He is lovely. It’s such an exciting age, Clara can’t sit up unaided yet – she’s quite heavy so she just topples over!

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