slay me.

Oh for the cute…

This dog. He is the sweetest and most adorablest pup ever.

I think I should be a stay at home dog Mom.  That’s my ideal job, really. Lady who lunches with her dog at fancy outdoor cafes… I’ll take it 🙂

J piled up Cohen’s old beds when he was cleaning a few weeks ago and Cohen immediately grew attached to the pile.  We don’t have the heart to take that monstrosity out of our bedroom.

The scary fact in all of this is that if I feel this way about a dog, how will I feel when I have a child someday?

I could do without the early morning walks (luckily, J doesn’t mind those as much) or the walks in the terrible weather (unfortunately, J doesn’t like those so much), or even the moments when Cohen shows his pit bull tendencies and barks uncontrollably at dogs across the street… but I love this dog more than I ever thought possible.

Call me a crazy dog person, I’m fine with that.

But you can’t deny the cuteness.  And if you can, go get your eyes checked 🙂

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