Snow Day Entertainment for Kids

I’m always trying to think of sensory activities or ways to entertain Simon (7.5 months) and my niece (2 years) when they are at my house with the nanny. With the snowmaggedon like weather around the US this week, snow day activities feel like an appropriate blog post. Here are a few snow-themed ideas that I collected from around the web.

Bring the Snow Inside: Paint the snow, turn the snow into a sensory bin or “sandbox”…

Make a Snow GlobeI feel like my niece would love this one. Glitter, a small figurine, animal, or trees…what’s not to love?

Snow Globe for Blog

Glitter Slime: My niece and Simon made this last week (with our nanny’s help) and it provided a lot of entertainment. Like 45 minutes worth for the 2 year old… Our nanny put it in a sealed baggie for Simon and taped it on his high chair and he was also into it. Secretly I like playing with it too. We still have it. It’s squishy :).

Snowman BowlingThis is so cute…the kids in my life may need some help making the snowmen, but the bowling would be a big hit I think.

Snowman Bowling

Indoor Snowballs: Probably not a great idea to throw them, but may be a great sensory activity.

Puffy Snow PaintMore glitter! I love that it dries puffy…

…And a few ideas that I remember from childhood that you probably don’t need directions for:

– Popsicle stick snowman

– Paper plate snowman

– Cut paper snowflakes (alternatively, coffee filter snowflakes)

Happy snow day crafting! Let me know what you make or if you have other ideas!

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