I am in Oklahoma City for work this week and, like I do every night when I travel, I called J at 10PM. After a few minutes of catch up conversation, we had the following dialogue.

J: How are the restaurants near the hotel?
M: Not that great – not a lot of options, even Subway closes at 7PM.
J: What? Why does Subway close at 7?
M: …And did you know that there were a bunch of tornados here last night?
J: It really closes at 7?
M: I could have died in a tornado and your concern is Subway?
J: I watched the news this morning, you were fine.
J: No really, Subway closes at 7?
M: The tornados were crazy… did you see the hail? Why don’t you care that I could have been in a tornado??
J: We have tornados in Illinois too, but Subway does NOT close at 7.

For what it’s worth, Quiznos closes at 7 too.

I was out and about yesterday and the weather was getting a little iffy (not tornado iffy in the city, but the sky was crazy…). Anyway, a guy on my project says to me, “so, do you chase storms?”. Umm, no thank you.

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  1. so you don’t chase storms????
    ohhhhhhhhhhh dear.
    also, i’m with j– why in the world does subway close at 7???
    (glad you are OK with the crazy weather)