25 Months

Dear Simon,

What a month! There were so many awesome things that happened this month, but namely you are talking more and more – forming sentences, which is amazing and awesome. I love that we are having more conversations. You ask “why?” ALL OF THE TIME, which admittedly is a little… it gets old… but I do hope that you’re always inquisitive — maybe just not about every.single.thing.

You are becoming a master bedtime procrastinator and for some reason think that it is super fun to run around your room until we catch you to put on PJs. You love this game and hide and seek at all times of the day – though you don’t quite get the hide part. When we pretend and say, “uh oh, where’s Simon?” you always say “right here!”. You also always hide in the same spot. It’s awesome to play with you because none of that matters – you laugh and have so much fun. Read More