Dear Simon,

Holy moly, 2! When asked how old you are you proudly exclaim, “TWO!”. I love it. And I love you… so much.

What a great month. You learned an incredible amount of words this month – multiple a day, I think. You just bust them out too… My favorite, by far, is “thank you” and “excuse (‘scuse) me”. Maybe you knew them previously but you’re using them in context and so nicely these days. My least favorite new word this month? “MINE!” Sharing is caring, bud. Read More

Simon Says: KidloLand App Rules!

A few weeks ago the people at KidloLand reached out to me to see if I was interested in reviewing their toddler early learning app. Since I have a toddler who doesn’t often get to play with electronics, I knew that it might take some time to formulate a good review, but I decided to go for it after I played around a bit.

Hook, Thread & Tinker| KidloLand

There is a TON of great content to choose from, which I was excited about because I am getting tired of the one Simon sized app that I had prior to KidloLand.

After I downloaded the app and played a bit I put the iPad in Simon’s hands so that I could do something… I played one song for him, Old MacDonald, and he was sold. The next day I explored a bit further with Simon and I became even more convinced. The content seems endless, truly. Read More

19 Months

Dear Simon,

This month was awesome  – mainly because you’re awesome, but also because Dad and I were both able to take 2 weeks off over the holidays and spend that time with you. We did all sorts of things that we’ve been wanting to do — the Exploratorium (water table!!), Gather, free swim at the YMCA… we had so much fun with you.

You are getting so big, buddy. It’s unbelievable how much changes month to month. You REALLY want to be independent, especially at mealtime. You also despise hearing someone tell you no, especially when it involves throwing toys. These situations often result in tears, unfortunately. Luckily these tears are short lived and you are easily distracted, but we’re having to say “please tell ___ you’re sorry” quite a bit these days. You get so upset when we get upset with you about something – it’s heartbreaking. Read More

18 Months

Dear Simon,

A year and a half! Amazing, buddy. You are so cool. Everyday I am in awe of what you can do, what you are learning and how quickly you learn. You constantly make us giggle and your laugh is most definitely contagious. You are are so sweet, which I hope you never outgrow.

This month you found your inner whine and I have to admit, you got me a few times. I always knew that I wasn’t a perfect mom, but this month, with the whining, oof… I am glad to say that it’s getting better and I’m really hoping that the bulk of the high pitched complaining was due to a few new teeth at one time. Read More

16 Months (on the 6th)

Dear Simon,

Time seems to be flying by (insert your hand gesture when we say something is fast!). You are growing SO big and it seems like you outgrow shoes before we get them on your feet!

We’re in full on toddler mode with tantrums and needing to get your way ALL of the time. Yesterday you had a minor meltdown when you heard daddy say banana at breakfast. When you realized you were not actually having a banana you became insistent on one IMMEDIATELY. As soon as said banana was offered you were smiling like it never happened. You’re a funny kid. Read More