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I’ve been following Target Style for a few months on Instagram and the other day they highlighted a pair of Sam & Libby shoes that I thought were adorable. Then on Glitter Guide I saw this “25 Pieces That Look More Expensive Than They Are” post and I knew that I had to make a trip to Target. Twist my arm.

Before I went I looked online to see if they were selling the things that I was interested in locally. It turns out that they were, so instead of ordering online, I decided to make the trip to scope the goods out in person. My main purpose was to get a couple of new sports bras because the Champion sports bras are my absolute fave, but I definitely wanted to check out the shoes too.

I always end up buying more than I need when I step into Target, so honestly, I try to only go with a purpose. Yesterday my purpose was sports bras and cute shoes. Critical obviously.

I am usually skeptical of things that look good from afar (or online) at Target because they typically end up looking fairly cheap up close. As I’ve gotten older (and thus wiser?), I’ve realized that quality is better than quantity, so I tend to lean towards other items. I probably would have ignored these shoes, but I saw them mentioned online several times, so definitely wanted to see them for myself.

Do I need to tell you where this is going? Yes, I came home with a couple of items on the Glitter Guide list… I couldn’t help it… The Sam & Libby pair were cute, but ran big and then when the length of the shoe fit, it was too snug across my foot. Sad.

I ended up with this, these, and these. Yes, the shoes resemble Birkenstocks. Yes, I like that. Even Chanel is going that route this season – you know, for the bargain price of $1150.

(Note, both of those pairs of sandals run large – I went down a full size in both.)

The jury is out on whether I will keep the kimono jacket, not sure it’s really me. There were a few other shoes that I really wanted to try, but they didn’t have them in the store (probably a good thing).



Side note…The Target espadrilles look really close to my dream Chanel espadrilles. Those Chanel shoes… serious swoon.

Also, did anyone else wear these as a kid? I LOVED these bow flats in many colors…I was very fashionable. Ha.

Target is seriously winning in the shoe department right now. If only it weren’t currently snowing in Chicago…

Want to hear about a couple of my other Target must haves? In addition to the sports bras, I regularly purchase the following…

A couple of months ago I learned about their Assets tights, which is a Spanx brand. I was unsure, but I bought a couple of pairs because I love tights, especially Spanx (minus the crazy price tag). I have worn and washed these several times and they’re still going strong. For less than half the price of regular Spanx, these are definitely worth a try. They are REALLY similar. They even sell the maternity version, including a girdle – don’t mock it until you try it.

I am also a big fan of the Mossimo Long & Lean tanks. Mine are so frayed and gross that it’s time to re-stock, but these are definitely my go-to tank top for sleep, under sweaters, and on their own in the summer.

Do you have staples that you regularly shop for at Target? Have you been as impressed as I am with the Target Style Instagram? Are you at all excited about Lily Pulitzer coming to Target?

Tell me what other must have fashion items I am missing out on at Target!

9 thoughts on “Target Style

  1. Okay, I love Target so much. That GG post… I want everything. Especially those strapped ankle booties. And the espadrilles. Love. They normally have cute swim suits too. But I imagine it’s too cold for you to be thinking about that right now… Xoxo

    • I do find cute swimsuits there! But yes, WAY too early to think about that (with the snow pounding my window). I wish I needed to think about that right now! Did you buy anything from the GG list???? xx/

  2. SO kicking myself that I saw this new post right after coming home from target. I would not have skipped the shoe section today! Super cute stuff. I’m in the Chicago area too and all of the new spring stuff is like a little glimmer of hope through the freezing snowy day today! 🙂

  3. Cannot wait for Lily Pulitzer! She’s like a glimpse of hope for spring time! Plus — who couldn’t use a new wardrobe? I’ll need some retail therapy once I get through this move so it look like Target is stop #1.

    Also, glad (not really) to see the cat-eye sunglasses because I have a pair that I bought 2 years ago and paid the expensive price for them

      • I’ll explain the whole story over a meal or better yet a shopping excursion… Roommate is leaving and I want to live on my own so moving out, but still trying to find someone to take over our 2 bedroom. Don’t worry.. I’m still in Chicago 🙂 just a little further south from you in South Loop/Printers Row area

        • ok, glad still chicago!!!
          i REALLY want a burberry coat… like REAL bad.
          The quilted one. It would really compliment my mom wardrobe, don’t you think?
          especially if i wore it with my dream chanel espadrilles?! 🙂

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