Terrain by Anthropologie

If I could define my dream job without considering finances, location, skills, and experience I would wholeheartedly say that I should work for URBN INC – the group that owns Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, and Terrain. Maybe I would be a designer (see the part about not needing qualifications for this dream job), a stylist, or a buyer… maybe I would work in the back office connecting designers with stores… I don’t know, but I have huge URBN INC lust.

I received an email last week from Anthropologie and I saw Terrain mentioned – for some reason I had never heard of this store before. I thought it was a new Anthropologie venture, but it turns out that it’s been around since 2008 (but to my credit maybe the website part is new?). Get with the program, Mara! Did anyone else know about this?!

The URBN INC website says, “Founded in 2008, Terrain transforms the local garden center into a celebration of nature. Inspired by the idea of merging house and garden to create an experience for the senses, our garden centers in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and Westport, Connecticut cater to our customer with a curated assortment of plants for all seasons, as well as inspired items for the home and garden. Situated on luxurious indoor-outdoor environments, our on-site nurseries are each flanked by a cafe and garden terrace, providing the ideal environment to host events and workshops.”

All I can tell you is that I went to the Terrain website and my heart started to flutter. I also now need to visit Glen Mills and Westport so that I can see this beautiful store in person. Seriously. Take a look at this home + garden gorgeousness….and did I mention the jewelery? Ya, for real.

Anthropologie meets your favorite garden store meets West Elm meets… I mean…

Terrain Earrings TerrainBracelets TerrainLightingCandles TerrainPlantsandStands TerrainVasesOther

…YES, all of that in ONE store. WHAT?

Don’t you just want to smell these stores and look at or touch all of the pretty things in person?

Anyone up for a roadtrip? 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Terrain by Anthropologie

  1. YES! I’ve been to the one in PA and the whole thing is as lust-worthy as you’re imagining. I had no idea it was connected to Anthropologie but it makes sense. It’s like 20 minutes from my mom’s house. Feel free to come and visit 🙂

  2. You introduce to the best yet worst things! Best because well the items are awesome and so much fun! Worst because I go crazy and can’t stop myself and take a big chunk out of my bank account on a shopping spree.. That being said, let’s go!!! I’m on the hunt for a new apartment so that just means I’ll need new fun things to decorate with!

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