Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

I am a huge fan of craft projects and themed craft projects are sort of my favorite these days. In searching for some ideas for things that I (or the nanny) could do with Simon, I came across quite a few ideas for projects that would work for younger kids.

The nanny (Joanna) created paper pumpkins this week with Simon and my niece (M). Simon wasn’t into the crafting (an observer only), but M seemed pretty entertained.  Jo prepped the supplies while M napped, but when she woke up she was excited about paper pumpkins. She especially liked the brads and picking the paper. At least someone is making use of my craft supplies!


Pictures by Joanna. 

Here are some other cute ideas that I found for kids Thanksgiving crafts:

I think Simon and I might do a Fall themed sensory bottle this weekend. Any fun Thanksgiving crafts on your mind for the weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

  1. These are seriously so cute! I want Isla to be able to all of them. Do you have the same feeling of wanting Simon to be old enough to do certain items, while at the same time wanting him to be as small as the day you brought him home? Such a struggle.

    ALSO, M is so pretty! This shower — feels like YESTERDAY I was reading it (see comment above – struggle). I love Simon in the background too. So cute.

    • Thanks! M is adorable for sure. Love her.
      I totally hear you re the struggle… but I just keep thinking how fast S is changing and how soon he WILL be doing these things… trying to live in the littleness while I can.

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