the art of procrastination.

I should be building out an Excel file right now. It’s pretty much the last thing that I want to be doing, so instead I’ll blog about procrastinating. FANTASTIC IDEA! 🙂

WordPress tells me what the top searches are to get to my blog this week… want to know what they are?

  • cake no icing
  • tinker
  • stephanie running results
  • becca life goes on
  • why do my knees hurt when scuba diving

Those are funny.

I can understand all of them except “Stephanie running results” and “why do my knees hurt when scuba diving”. Why do your knees hurt when scuba diving? That doesn’t seem right. I think it’s an oxygen issue, but I’m no marine biologist / MD, so I’d consult your physician. As for Steph’s race results – wrong blog.

If my paycheck were based on hours spent procrastinating, I’d be a wealthy woman. In my old age I think I’ve learned one thing… I work better with a deadline. I also work better when I understand what it is I’m actually supposed to be doing. Ha.

I need to separate my work area from the pile of fabric that I call my craft area. It’s not that I “craft” during the day (I don’t), but I think the clutter might make focusing a bit harder.

I am obsessed with trying to figure out what a person’s house looks like based on the 6″ video conference screen. I sometimes have to hide the video if I want to be able to actually concentrate on the reason for the call. It’s kind of like being invited to someone’s house but only being allowed to see through a crack in the doorway. Open the door, let me in, take me on a tour!! Ooh, are those flowers? Is that a cat? What’s with that lamp? Nice mirror…

I’m also the creeper who likes to look in windows when we’re walking at night. It’s not like I go up to the house and peer in like a stalker, I just enjoy (from afar) looking in people’s well lit homes at night. Don’t pretend that you don’t do the same thing. If the blinds are open I think it’s fair game.

I’m having single family home lust. I live in the city and single family homes are pricey – especially ones that I want in the nicer neighborhoods. But man, I have home envy big time lately. I went online and picked out the perfect $2.4M home for us… when we win the lotto, it’s mine! I know that if we moved out of the city (or to a different state) we’d be able to afford a beautiful SFH, but we like the city. Shame on us for being city folk with shallow wallets.

I am planning a baby shower for my SIL. It’s really fun to plan, but as the day gets closer I am getting more panicked. I know what we’re eating for dessert and I know what “games” we’re playing… I have absolutely no idea what we’re eating for lunch. My Mom is coming in a couple of days early so I am hoping that she’s in the mood for baking when she gets here (hint, hint Mom). Also, I need to look into catering at my next procrastination break. Anyone ever ordered prepared salads (pasta, chicken, etc) from Whole Foods?

Speaking of decorating for the shower… I made a banner like this to hang up. I think it’s pretty darn cute but when J saw it he said, “I don’t understand, did she win a race?” Oh boys… They just don’t understand. I’ll share pictures after the shower.

Ok, that’s probably enough rambling for now. Back to Excel. Be jealous.

p.s. My friend Ailee just sent me this…

Hilarious. Move over WebMD.

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  1. I like that your procrastination leads to my procrastination.

    Did you SEW that banner?? If so… you are my hero. Also, I like that you found a banner on a blog called “Your Home Based Mom.”

    I also window peak. I’m nosy.

    My friend had Whole Foods cater an event and the salads were DELISH. But I’m pretty much obsessed with everything they produce.

    I want a home too! A SPH… lol only, I most certainly cannot do that. I can barely afford my apartment (+ J.Crew + Anthro). #firstworldproblems

    Why do your knees hurt when scuba diving?

    I just wanted to write that again to make sure your blog REALLY pops up in the search results when people are seeking answers.

    • I knew you’d know about WFs catering. Smarty pants.
      Also, thanks for increasing my blog traffic about sore knees while scuba diving. it’s a real problem that I hope we can address.

      • I’m just a big fan of WF, what can I say??

        Do you think we should provide the injured an answer?

        Your knees hurt while scuba diving due to the resistance provided by the water. The pain will be heightened if the water is choppy. Your flippers also are added weight to your legs, which means your knee joints have more pressure on them. To avoid this, try scuba diving in a pool, without flippers.

  2. I think that’s probably a good idea. But do you really think it’s the flippers? I think it’s more an oxygen issue. Also, if you drag your knees on coral, that hurts. Stop doing that because it’s also killing the coral.