the business of wants vs needs.

The closer I get to baby the less I want to do anything that doesn’t involve preparing for baby. Including work, which presents a problem from about 7AM-6PM every day.

I’m not so patiently working through it. 

I don’t know if I would call it nesting or just “get this crap out of my house right now!”, but I have a serious need to purge and get organized. I think that J is in general agreement that we need to make space but he maybe doesn’t like the fact that I remind him 6x per week that he has to paint the baby’s room. SOON.

Initially I was following the Jewish tradition of not bringing anything into the home before the baby arrives, but then at 20 weeks I decided to change my tune a little bit.

J and I are both extreme planners. Waiting to bring anything into the home until we bring the baby home just didn’t make sense for us.

Sorry tradition.

It started with a chair for baby because it was on sale and if we didn’t purchase it right then we wouldn’t have gotten the sale price.

Then it was the baby furniture. Again, on sale so we had to buy it.

I managed to stall delivery of the furniture until mid-April so that we could get things organized around here. That means that every weekend we do major cleaning, purging and organizing.

Last week we took a carload of stuff to Salvation Army, sold some guest room (future home of the peanut) furniture on Craigslist and I listed about 100 items on eBay from my craft closet, clothing closet, etc. We’re making tremendous progress.

So now that we have a room dedicated to baby (sans the right paint at the moment – eh hem) and baby is due in 11 weeks (holy cow!) I am ready to get it all sorted. I want all of the extraneous stuff OUT of my life, I want the house sparkling, I want the room to get organized.

I am thinking hard about things that we need for baby (like diapers) and things that we want for baby (like a new bookshelf). Balancing those wants and needs is sometimes difficult, especially when we’re also trying to be budget conscious. So far I haven’t fallen victim to “oooooh, that’s CUTE!” – likely because of my desire to limit what we bring into the house as much as I can… but I do want to make sure that things that we need are present and accounted for long before baby is due. I keep telling myself that the baby actually needs about 3 things when we bring him home, which means that we could technically bring him home tomorrow (but really need him to keep growing!) and that Amazon has very fast delivery, but it doesn’t prevent me from being crazy about wanting to organize.

I am obviously limited in what I can do by myself these days but many nights J comes home from work to find that I have another box of stuff for Salvation Army. No holds barred around here. In fact, the paperwork in this house doesn’t know what it has coming in the next day or so… THE SHREDDER! 

Last night I dreamed that I had the baby and was a disorganized wreck. I didn’t know how to breastfeed, change a diaper or care for the little guy. Then I woke up and told J that he absolutely MUST change his alarm immediately because it was too loud for the baby.

You know, the baby who arrives in 11 weeks.


I won’t even tell you about our detailed workplan. It has tasks, owners and due dates. I need to add the alarm clock sound change. Naturally.

Keep growing peanut. Seriously. And not just because your Mom feels disorganized. Because I said so.

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  1. Get thyself a subscription to Amazon Mom and order your diapers and wipes through them. It’s cheaper, it arrives at your doorstep each month (or whatever time frame you pick) and you’re never out. Or schlepping them to your house. Let the UPS man do the work.

    And let me know if I can provide any other helpful tidbits. 🙂

    • Helpful tidbits DEFINITELY welcome. Do you know anything about honest company diapers? I think that I want to use them. And I am already Amazon Mom… :). What were your MUST HAVES as you came home with the babies?

  2. i want to see your (what i can only imagine is ADORABLE) baby belly. eleven weeks?! exciting!! but yes, little one, listen to your mama and stay put!

  3. Okay, my comments keep not submitting!!!!!!!

    First, I cannot wait to see the room when it’s done. J- get to painting now!!!

    Second, good on you for purging!! We need lots of that.

    Third, I’m praying that Isla holds off as well because I have no idea how to change diapers, swaddle babies, use a PUMP??? I need to start READING.

    Forth, buck tradition! Love it. Rebellious. When is your shower(s)?

    Fifth, total consultant move on the workplan. Please say it’s not in Project.

    • Ha – not in MS Project.
      Shower is early April.
      Room has made zero progress this weekend.

      • Thank goodness – re: MS Project. Don’t fret! You’ll have time. The actual setting up and such doesn’t take that long. I was WAY early. Now I need to find another project to busy myself with!