The Ebb and Flow of 6 Months

SimonFedoraTrying on his hat for his trip to Mexico. Should we take bets on how long it stays on his head when we’re actually pool / oceanside?

This kid…I’m realizing that 6 months is really super awesome and really super challenging all in one breath.

Simon is learning to explore – he has his hands (and mouth) on everything and he is on the move all the time. He’s flipping and flopping and squirming everywhere. Over the weekend he found his scream, err, shriek. I try not to laugh because it’s very cute once and not very cute the 100th time. It will most definitely NOT be cute on a 5 hour airplane ride.

In addition to the shrieks and extensive amounts of mmmm’s and raspberries Simon is becoming a cuddle bug, which I love. He’s the perfect size to be a hip rider and he would be content to stay there all day. As long as he is being held he isn’t fussy, but the second you leave him alone he gets grumpy. We’re definitely experiencing a bit of separation anxiety, which we’re trying to navigate with lots of leaving and coming and games of peekaboo.

I am having a bit of a hard time with nursing. Not the milk part, but the focused baby part. Mainly he is squirmy and gets distracted REALLY easily. I try to feed him in a quiet place where there is little to distract, but that isn’t really working anymore. For awhile he would stay focused if I sang to him while he was nursing, but that’s not working so well anymore either. Any ideas? Will I know when it’s time to move from nursing to a bottle? I don’t want to keep pushing him, but I am not ready to stop yet either.

I can’t believe that I am saying this based on where we were a few months ago, but I think that I am really going to miss those nursing sessions when they’re gone. They’re so different than they were when we first started… we are just in sync (when he’s not distracted) and I love that time – especially in the morning and before bed.

We’ve seen a bit of sleep regression in the last week or so too. I am assuming this is a mix of teething (ouch!) and growth spurt, but I will never get used to 2 steps forward and 1 stop back…over and over again. I guess we’ll always be sleep training, but it stinks for the whole family to go through it again. Suggestions welcome…

Although we have new challenges, this boy steals my heart on a daily basis. I am obsessed with how great he is. I’m in love with the new sounds and the new expressions that seem to appear daily. I’m captivated watching him explore – I could do it all day. Simon is definitely developing his own personality and I love watching him grow. LOVE love it.

If you’ve gone through some of these (or others that haven’t come up yet!) 6 month challenges I’d love to hear some of your pointers for getting through them.



9 thoughts on “The Ebb and Flow of 6 Months

  1. As for the distracted nursing, I found that with two of my three, they were simply becoming more efficient at eating and just didn’t need to eat for that long any more. So instead they’d rather look around. I figured we’d go with it and if they got hungry we could remedy and it just kind of worked itself out.

    Not to say that it’s not absolutely frustrating for the mama!

    • I was wondering about that, Mel! He is so inconsistent – sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes 15. You’re right though, he’ll let me know if he’s hungry. Now that we’ve started solids I’m not as worried I suppose. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  2. Isla is so distracted too, and definitely gets the job done in 5 minutes. Do you remember that it used to take 30-45??? Doesn’t that sound INSANE now? But it totally worked when you were so exhausted you were fine sitting in a chair for 45 minutes every three hours. Ha. Did I tell you we are doing CIO in the middle of the night? Day three today… I HATE IT. Oh gosh.

    Let’s talk about the most important thing at hand though – THAT HAT. AND SIMON. He is perffffeeccccttttt. Come to Houston on the way back from Mexico. Please and thanks. xo

    • I can’t believe it used to take 45 mins? How did we do it?!?! 🙂 How’s CIO going? I wish we had a Houston layover – it only makes sense :). xx.

  3. Oh 6 months! Isn’t it great that they find their scream at the same time that they regress with sleeping? It’s funny how our babies all go through roughly the same things at the same times. I just checked back on my 6 month records: squirming and frustration, separation anxiety, sleep regression… check, check, check! The good news is that it all passed by the 7th month (I think) and Michael started consistently sleeping through the night for the next two months. Although, who knows what we’re in for next month?

    • So glad to hear that this is a phase!! He’s getting better as the month progresses for sure. Thanks for confirming that it will pass on its own!

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