the one with some pictures.

We spent the day in our bathing suits again, scuba diving this morning and then snorkeling and touring the town of El Nido this afternoon. The two dives were good, but I was really f’n nervous for the first dive again. The dive master held my hand the whole time, which was calming, but a bit annoying.

I actually think that he weighted me down too much, too. The problem with not being an experienced diver is that I basically let the dive master make all of the decisions for me. I have trouble descending (likely because I am instinctively trying to stay on top of the water), but once I’m actually down, I don’t need the extra weight.

Both dives had us at about 45 feet and we were under for roughly 35-45 minutes per dive. My air consumption is improving!

As promised, here are some random pictures from the last few days… these are from the point and shoot…

I can’t figure out how to label each picture, but here’s the gist:
– Us on a boat
– Some land shots
– Picture of the resort
– Caves
– Octopus










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  1. wow. you ARE in paradise! looks amazing. that hammock on the beach looks heavenly. and you and j look so happy and relaxed. awesome! xo.