the perfect mail day.

Yesterday was awesome.

Exhibit A:


Please excuse me while I spend the next few days getting acquainted with my new camera.  It is really important to me that I understand everything before I go on my trip.

I sold my old XT on ebay, so it was a win win!

Exhibit B:

My good friend, Jess, and I always exchange gifts for birthdays / holidays.  This year we decided to get crafty about it…

We were both procrastinating / running (very) late with our gifts, but she sent mine this week (I have GOT to finish hers… pronto!).

She sent me the sweetest stuff!


I wore this to work today (without the t-shirt, although the t-shirt makes it totally hip!) and loved it! Green is one of my favorite colors, so this is perfect.


A lovely scarf in the perfect rosy-pink.


Love Jess.

Love the thoughtfulness of crafty gifts.  Love.

And now, it’s 54 degrees in February and I am going to take advantage and go for a little jog.


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  1. i love thoughtful gifts. even more so when they’re made with love by the gift giver.

    have fun with your new camera!