the problem with…

  • …giving up diet coke means that I have caffeine headaches sometime.  If I remember that I might have one, I drink caffeinated tea.  It helps, ish. When will those subside?
  • …traveling in NYC is that you feel like it’s an excuse to eat whatever you want.  And by you, I clearly mean me.  I justified my Levain Bakery chocolate chip / walnut cookie splurge (split over 2 days) with the 2 miles I walked around the city and to get there.  It was well worth it.
  • …not being rich is that I have to work and can’t be a lady who lunches.  I mean really, being a lady who lunches and goes to the salon and shops all day… that would be awesome.  Maybe I am thinking about this a little more given my current proximity to Gossip Girl living quarters.  Seriously, how do you live in NYC on a budget???
  • …the work health challenge that I joined is that it broadcasts my success and/or laziness to my entire challenge team.  I mean, I know that’s the point, but sometimes a girl just needs to hit snooze and doesn’t want to be berated for it! Ok, really, no one is harassing me, I made that up for dramatic emphasis – it’s just that I feel guilty enough without having to broadcast it to my entire team.
  • …blogging is that people might actually read my complete randomness and judge me for it. Sorry if I bore you.


And that’s a random example of crap I have been thinking about.  I’ll try to make my next post more pleasing for my readers. 🙂

0 thoughts on “the problem with…

  1. Oh… I think an announcement of my laziness might be helpful.
    or annoying.
    or helpfully annoying?!

    i love random.
    oh and ditch the diet pop for good. you can doooo it. it’s gross. xoxox

  2. you can do it. ditch that pop!
    i was down to maybe one a week before i started dating the boy.
    and last week i told him NO MORE. no more diet coke for me. no more coke for him.
    (i feel like i already have said that to someone. my apologies if i’m telling you again.)

    also? let’s be ladies who lunch together. sounds delightful.
    plus, i’m about to be unemployed. i’ll have plenty of time for lunching.
    and for laziness.