the shower.

I have been remiss in posting about the shower. I planned it for weeks and had a really fun time doing so. Day of turned out really well (IMHO) and if you ever need a baby shower planner, I might be your girl…

Lots of dessert pictures to come.

But first, a really HUGE thank you to…

Karma. Oh Karma. I don’t even have words enough. I just adore you and I am so thankful for our friendship. You pretty much kept me sane through this whole process and you just nodded your head when I told you about the ridiculous things that I wanted to do.

Mom. All of those pretty cookies… probably wouldn’t have happened without you. Even though I was punchy all weekend, I’m glad that you were here and appreciated the help.

Cristin. You are about to give birth to my niece and she is going to be AWESOME. I am SO excited about welcoming her into the world and watching you and Adam become parents. I’m grateful that you allowed me to plan this party – thank you for trusting me with your friends.

Ok, ready for dessert pictures?

My caveat here is that I just didn’t take the time to take good pictures. I snapped very few with my “fancy cam” and luckily Karma had her wits and snapped more with her iPhone.

My general thought process through the planning was PINK! And girly! And shabby chic (because that’s always my goal…).

At one point I emailed Gabby and said, which do you think says “pink threw up in here more…”. Ha.

For weeks I was daydreaming about what I wanted to accomplish and I might have, on more than one occasion, showed Karma pictures that included about $1,000 worth of pretty.

Karma always said, “that’s pretty, but maybe you could tone it down a little?”. Ha.

By the way, did I mention that the shower was in Karma’s building? She lives in a high rise along Lakeshore Drive and there’s a room on the 40th floor with a perfect view, a kitchen, etc… so we did it there.

See, she’s awesome and generous.


The room was basically a big rectangle. There were already big comfy chairs and a couple of small tables, so we didn’t have to do a ton in terms of set up.

Food was on 2 long tables against a wall.

When I was planning, I refused to use “fake” dishware, so I brought all of the bowls and plates from home (and borrowed a couple from Karma). This is only the beginning of the crazy.

I ordered the plates / napkins online (I would link but that would mean sharing too many details with Cristin, so if you like what you see, message me).

To aid in my desire for shabby chic and PINK, I bought the Martha Stewart puffs to hang from the ceiling and made the banner.

The Martha puffs were cool but a PAIN to make. Which brings me to another thank you.

Irit. I am so glad that I have you in my life. Not just for your puff making skills (which are plentiful!), but just because you’re you and I love you. If Irit wouldn’t have saved my hide by coming over and making those puffs (and making me giggle a bit), they would have all been ripped and ugly. For real.

Here come the random shots…

It was important to me that the shower felt personal for Cristin.

One of the things that I did to ensure that it was personal is that I hung baby pictures of her and Adam on a “clothesline” across one of the mirrors in the room.

Everyone thought that I was going crazy when I said that I wanted to make chocolate dipped pretzels at 7PM the night before the shower, but I am glad I did. They were DELICIOUS and pretty.

Lesson learned throughout this process… go with my gut. I will be MUCH happier…

See those cake pops? Another thing that I insisted on because I am crazy. They’re REAL cute, but a REAL pain in the ass. Won’t be making those again anytime soon.

We had a LOT of dessert and that’s exactly what I wanted. I MUCH prefer when the table looks lush and people feel like they can take as much as they want. And pink sugar cookies? Heavenly. It’s an old family recipe that I am happy to share if you email me.

All desserts (except for the cupcakes) were made by me or my Mom. We even had chocolate dipped Ruffles potato chips. Sound disgusting? Don’t dis it until you try it. One of Cristin’s friends messaged me after the shower and said she was still dreaming of chocolate covered chips… success!

In terms of food, I went with pretty easy…

  • Chicken salad from Costco – deeeeeeeelish
  • Fruit salad from Cotsco
  • Mozzarella and Tomato salad – Made by me and deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish (and easy!)
  • Tuna Salad from Whole Foods – better than any I would have made
  • Totellini salad from Whole Foods – yum
  • Cous Cous from Whole Foods – addicted

Those pictures make me hungry.

See those plastic “confetti” rocking horses and bottles? There was a 3 year old at the shower who thought that they were the best things EVER. I’ll mark it in the $2 well spent category. Check.

Don’t worry, we also served drinks. Drinks in polka dot cups with purple and white straws obviously.

Cristin got a LOT of awesome gifts. People were SO generous.

(The pictures fell but we fixed it after this picture.)

My niece is going to have one heck of a library…

Isn’t Cristin cute?

Oh, and you can see that we had some games…. In the picture above one of the girls is playing “Preggo Bingo”. Aka, open a gift and mark it on your bingo card.

We also played celebrity baby to celebrity Mom match and Baby Song Name and Artist identification.

They seemed to be fun enough to keep people “going” for a bit and I knew that Cristin wouldn’t want to be toooo baby, so they were a good fit.

I’m a dork. We were kind of hot and done with gifts by this point. People laughed because one of the outfits that I gave the baby looked like something that I would wear. Teaching her early, what can I say? 🙂

The amount of clothes in this girl’s closet is amazing… she inherited some hand-me-downs and she has some generous family / friends.

To thank everyone for coming I gave them a nail polish.

OPI makes a polish called “it’s a girl” and I thought that was perfect.

Lots of people at the shower, but I only have this one picture because my cousin took it.

Cousin, me, Aunt.

Probably should have taken more people pictures. Or pictures in general, but oh well. I remember and I think Cristin remembers, which is really all that matters.

Overall, such a good day. So glad to honor Cristin and celebrate my soon to be niece.

Love them both so much.

(p.s. My dress is from Madewell (and it’s now on sale, of course!) and my necklace is Kate Spade and I am IN LOVE with it. Favorite purchase in awhile and wear it LOTS.)

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  1. love love all the details
    the pictures on the clothesline
    and the food – delish
    i once knocked ruffles dipped in chocolate
    then i tried it and i too dream of them
    nail polish was a perfect favor