the tuesday ten (very random).

  1. I keep finding gray hairs on my head. This is not ok. I have dark brown hair. Gray sticks out. I am too young for gray. Dislike.
  2. I am doing couch to 5K again.  Really, I just like that it increases my steps, I hate the actual running. Is it supposed to be miserable? Today I asked a girl that I work with, “am I supposed to hate the first 5-10 minutes of every run?” Her response (mind you, she’s a runner runner)? “Umm, yes. It pretty much sucks every time.”  Well, at least it’s not me.
  3. Tonight we went to Cattleman’s, a famous OKC steakhouse.  I am not a huge meat eater and I am on a serious diet, so I wasn’t excited.  When they ordered lamb fries I about phoned home. It was actually not horrible food (I did not eat the lamb fries), but not at all healthy.
  4. J’s Dad has some good sayings. My favorite is when he wants you to try something… for example: Him: “Mara, try this fish, it’s delicious.” Me: “No thank you.” Him: “You’re missing half your life!”
  5. On Saturday, J and I were driving home from dinner pretty late and we saw a man laying in the middle of the road, traffic stopped on both sides (no idea how he got there, but don’t think he was hit by a car – we assume drunk and fell off sidewalk??).  J pulled over and got out (because he’s a good Samaritan like that) to ask if anyone had called 911 and if people needed help.  There were at least 5 people standing around before we pulled over and no one called 911. Ridiculous.  Even more ridiculous? J and I debating the exact first aid phrase that you say when approaching a victim for the next 10 minutes on our drive home.  I said, “Hey you (pointing)! Go, call 911 AND COME BACK!” That’s when J pointed out that I am extremely old and that I must have taken first aid before there were cell phones because now you don’t have to say “and come back!” since people will typically make the call right there. Sounds like I need to freshen up on my first aid (though at least I knew to CALL).
  6. My brother-in-law is a tennis pro at a club in Chicago.  He also gives me tennis lessons during the summer.  This year, he gave me a racket called, “The Juice!” because he didn’t think that my old racket was a good fit for me.  I have all of the right gear… if I could just improve my technique, I’d be all set. I’m working on it.
  7. I choked up during the Matt Lauer / Michael Phelps interview this morning.  I love the Olympics. I love the tug at your heartstrings stories.  All of them. I can’t wait until the games start.
  8. I bought a bright orange belt on sale at the Gap last weekend that I am a little bit in love with. It was $9.99 and they’re out of it online so I can’t link, but it’s called the “neon elastic belt”. Hello lover. I don’t know why I love it so, but I do.
  9. My parents, brother and I all have a fitbit and we are all a little bit competitive about it.  Yesterday evening we got an email from my brother titled, “dead fitbit”.  In the email he claimed that his fitbit battery died and that he had just finished an “epic” walk that wouldn’t be counted.  For some reason, I was encouraged to walk a few more steps just to secure the win for the day.  J and my sister-in-law think we’re nuts.  Competition really does help, though.  We track each other on the site.  Hey weirdos.
  10. Did I mention that I keep finding gray hairs? Not pleased at all. At all.
  11. The real 10… I can’t wait to work from home for a week next week. Seriously couldn’t be more excited to have my teeth cleaned, get a haircut, walk the dog and see friends in the middle of the week. UNHEARD OF.

0 thoughts on “the tuesday ten (very random).

  1. LOVE the walking competition.
    do not love the gray hairs because i have them tooooooooooooooooo.
    and hooray working from home week!

  2. Okay, so my whole head is pretty much gray. I mean not really, but it’s not like one r two…it’s like a whole head. UGH.

    I want an orange belt. The one I wear almost every day is yellow. I need a chance.


  3. love the walking competition. love the olympics. love that your racket is called the juice (that made me giggle – seriously? the juice? what does that have to do with tennis? ha.).

    and grey hair? yeah. i have a forest of WHITE living on my head. the girl that swore she would never color her hair is trying to muster up the courage to make a hair appointment… i can’t have white hair yet. no thank you.


  4. This post is phenomenal. I couldn’t laugh too hard bc it would give it away in front of Bobby. You’re kicking ace with your running. Even the construction workers noticed!