the UPS man is mad at me and other random thoughts.

This holiday season I have been doing a LOT of online shopping. Maybe I am getting lazy in my old age, but the thought of fighting crowds on Michigan Avenue or trekking through cold weather and yuck to shop outside has lost some of it’s luster. I would also much prefer spending time with people that I care about than traipsing through the mall picking up the first thing that I see just so that I can “be done”.

I tried to re-focus my gift giving a bit this year. I am always thoughtful (or try to be) and I usually have decent luck giving gifts (to everyone but my picky husband for some reason, but I will prevail this year!). I find that when I give a gift it’s something that I would like to receive. I think that’s ok in that I wouldn’t want to give someone something that I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole, but I tried to shift my mindset a tad this year.

In addition to something that I think they’d like, I tried to also give them something that they’d actually use and appreciate. I tried to think down the road a bit…like for my SIL, what will she be looking forward to after the baby is born and how can I make sure that my gift doesn’t add stress to her increasingly busy life? In other words, sure, a gift of tickets to a play would be awesome, but will she really be able to enjoy it or want to leave the house for that long with a newborn at home? I don’t know and it’s not for me to dictate… therefore, no play tickets :). I don’t want to say what I did get in the event that she happens to read this post in the next 2 days before she receives her Hanukkah gifts.


The UPS man is mad at me – not really, but he is continually unimpressed by the mass amounts of packages that get delivered daily. Between Hanukkah, Christmas and throwing another baby shower in January, packages arrive daily. Oh, and I might have ordered a couple of presents for me in the last few weeks. I am getting ready to go to Mexico in 2 weeks, so a new swimsuit is obviously in order :).

I am pretty sure that the UPS man thinks that all I do all day is shop online. He is totally confused by my always being at my desk, on the computer, at home during the day. He waves at me even when he doesn’t have packages for me. I think we’re becoming friends. Ha. The other day we were chatting and I asked him if he was ready for busy season. He said, “I need a sugar mama so I can quit this gig. Also, please stop shopping.” I wish I were kidding. He is pretty cute… hmm, maybe I do have a friend… 🙂 I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

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  1. I mean, REALLY? He told you to stop shopping. That’s absolutely hilarious. I wish I was friends with my UPS guy. Only he drops off packages at my apartment reception – boring. I just signed up to receive texts on my delivery statuses. Obsessed! We all need next-day-delivery for EVERYTHING. I’m like you – no in-store shopping for me. I’m a hermit Christmas shopper.

  2. hehe…he told you to stop
    online shopping has saved me, i told my husband i now officially feel “old” that the thought of going to the mall on the weekend is now my biggest nightmare