The Weekend.

We had such a good weekend – it went by WAY too quickly (don’t they always?), but it was so good. The kind of weekend that should never end because you are lucky enough to spend time with people that you love, everyone is happy, and life is just good.

I don’t work on Fridays (I work 4-10 hour days so that I can take Fridays off), which is a pretty amazing perk of the job. Fridays are mom and Simon days – swimming, naps, errands… goodness. I live for Fridays (and Saturdays and Sundays).

Friday during the day I took Simon to swimming lessons where he received a progress report from his teacher that called Simon a “natural fish”. I know it’s silly but it made me smile a little bit. He is doing awesome in the pool and I think he genuinely likes being there. He always leaves the facility in good spirits but totally exhausted.

Friday night I took J out for his birthday (which was last Tuesday). We went to Boarding House – it was decent but I probably don’t need to go back. The company was good but the restaurant was just ok. I thought that some of the decor was over the top (the green picture frames on the dining room wall), but the food was pretty good. If you’re a wine connoisseur (we are not though the glass I had was excellent), it’s a good place to get a glass – Alpana Singh is the owner and Sommelier. Zagat did say that Boarding House was one of the 10 Sexiest New Restaurants in Chicago… but I think they were mainly commenting on aesthetics and wine.

Saturday we had family photos taken at Olive Park. It was absolutely beautiful but SO cold. Photos were canceled the week before because there was snow (in October, UNNECESSARY!), but Saturday it was pretty windy and cold too. We all left with cold cheeks, but I am SO glad that we had pictures taken. I cannot WAIT to see what kind of shots we got – super excited (and becoming impatient :))!

On Saturday afternoon 6 of my friends and I were treated to a Beauty Bash party at Benefit cosmetics (more about Beauty Bash soon!).


We enjoyed a stroll on Southport Ave, popping in and out of our favorite stores and then we were pampered at Benefit. We ended our afternoon at Jeni’s ice cream. Basically the perfect Saturday afternoon with some of my favorite ladies.


Yesterday one of my favorite out of town people came in for work and we were lucky enough to spend a few quick hours together. I LOVE when Simon spends time with people that I care about. Simon met Katie a few months ago, but this time he was much more alert and much more entertained by Katie’s best animal noises. I am so grateful for friends that are like family and love my family like their own – this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, I’m positive.

Katie and Simon 11-9-14

The weekend ended on the couch in our PJs with 2 recorded episodes of Parenthood and my favorite husband who watched Parenthood in lieu of the Bears / Packers game. We all went to sleep happy and Simon had his best night of sleep yet! Here’s hoping that another productive week leads to a perfect weekend.

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2 thoughts on “The Weekend.

  1. Oh, please please please do weekend recaps every Monday! I love them! So many great photos. It sounds like a busy weekend too. I am also smiling about Simon being a fish. I guarantee is going to be the best at everything given who his parents are 🙂 (yes, J that is bribery to send your wife and child to Texas). I love the Beauty Bash photos – you are seriously so beautiful! And great shots too. Okay, I could write more, but shall end with – have a wonderful Monday, FaceTime soon please!

    • Hahaha – thanks Ailee. My weekends aren’t typically so fun filled, so recaps would be pretty boring. I laid on the couch, I took a walk with Simon, I complained about it getting cold… hahaha. Good use of bribery… he is still talking about how he looks like Justin Long. 🙂

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