things i should do to make my life better.

They say (you know they) that if you make your intentions public, you’re more likely to stick to them.  I say, “anything that will help, sir!”.

So, here I am… making my intentions and my resolutions public.  It’s only 4 days into the new year and already I’m finding many of my resolutions tough to swallow.  Literally and figuratively.

At least we can successfully cross one off of the list…in no particular order:

  • Blog — I missed blogging even though I don’t miss the pressure of feeling like I have to be witty.  I figure that either I’ve got it or I don’t.  This might be a blog that only a mother could love, but I don’t care – my Mom needs something to do with her free time now that she’s a retiree.  (Congrats, BTW).
  • Read 12 books — In 12 months. This shouldn’t really be hard, but sometimes it is harder than it should be.  I’m currently reading 3 books.  1 I definitely won’t finish because it’s just too boring. The other is Harry Potter 4 (trying to get through all of them) and the last one is Mindy Kaling’s book (thanks Anna!), which is so far quite funny.
  • Save more money — It’s funny how when you get older suddenly things like retirement, buying a new car / house, being able to care for your loved ones feel more important than they did even a couple of years ago.  I tend to buy what I want (within reason) because I work hard for my money.  I am going to try hard to buy less and appreciate what I have more.  My husband will appreciate this immensely, I guarantee it.
  • Exercise 4+ days per week — Too often I blame my busy schedule for my lack of working out.  This year I am going to focus on making time.  LA Fitness bought the Bally Fitness clubs in Chicago, so my gyms may even be getting an upgrade.  What more push do I need?
  • Swim laps — I swam competitively almost my entire childhood – up until about 16 I was swimming and/or playing water polo.  I was a badass during my water polo years.  My thighs were killer.  It’s such good, non-strenuous exercise. I’d like to start swimming a couple of times per month, minimum.  I want to be a badass again 🙂
  • Sew something other than straight lines — or more importantly, something I’ll actually use.  I learned to use my sewing machine recently (we won’t mention the fact that it’s been in my closet untouched for 4 years – no, we won’t mention that).  I made about 6 baby blankets / burp cloths… if you’re having a baby soon, congrats, you’re getting a burp cloth! Ha. Anyway, I really want to learn to sew more than straight lines.  I should also learn to cut in a straight line.
  • Travel abroad –The hub and I talk about where we’re going this year -Europe or the Philippines.  We actually need to plan and schedule that trip.
  • Give up diet soda — I started this already.  2 days down.  Why did I do this right before coming back to work? BECAUSE IT’S HEALTHY EVEN THOUGH I AM HAVING CAFFEINE HEADACHES, that’s why.  I was yelling at myself, not you.
  • Try 20 new restaurants — I tend to enjoy the same places over and over.  I’m a creature of habit – it’s what makes me so loveable.  I am going to try new places though, because it will make my life more interesting (and my husband happy).
  • Take a daily vitamin — Why is this so hard? And why are they all like horse pills?!
  • Bring lunch 2+ times per week — I have a new lunch bag. I have no excuses. See also saving money.
  • Take more pictures! — I don’t have a lot of cooperative subjects, but I really want to get better with my photography.  Maybe I’ll even start carrying my nice camera again, not just rely on instagram.
  • Drink more water
  • Be nice
  • Focus on being happy

So there you go, my resolutions.  Nice and public.

Ready, set, go!

0 thoughts on “things i should do to make my life better.

  1. first. i’ve MISSED you.
    second. SO glad you’re back to blogging.
    third. i was down to one diet coke a week (yay me!). then i met a boy that likes to make me whiskey cokes (my favorite). ooooof.
    fourth. the gym. i totally hear you. and i need to do that too.
    fifth. did i mention i’ve missed you? and i’m glad you’re back? i really am.

  2. hellz yes to the blogging! making me HAPPPPY. 🙂
    and the resolution list making also a happy thing for e.
    I was thinking of posting mine toooooo.
    i have missed you.

  3. I agree with taking more pictures! For graduation, I asked for a nice camera and I have barely used it. When spring comes around we should have a photo and lunch day! Take photos around Chicago and try a new restaurant 🙂