things i shouldn’t be when i grow up.

I have been lucky so far in life to have some pretty amazing friends.  

There when I need them types.  

The kind of friends who defend my honor to the fullest, even when they know that I am probably, at least slightly, psychotic.  I have a couple of friends who are amazing advice givers.  Those are the same friends that also tell me when I am being a little bit crazy (while defending me to the fullest).  They tell me the hard truth when I least want to hear it.

And in return, I try to do the same.

I have a friend who, for the last few weeks, has had a rough go of it.  Her boyfriend is working a crazy schedule out of town, with little time to talk or text, they’re about to move in together after his crazy summer and it’s all coming to a head with said boyfriend meeting my friend’s parents this weekend.

Rewind to Thursday night when I called my friend on the way home from the airport.  After a few minutes, my friend says, “I don’t know, Mara, I just feel dead inside.”  I let her talk about why she’s feeling this way and then I said, “Really friend? Dead? Really? That’s not a litttttttle bit dramatic? Dead?” And her response? “You’re probably right. I can’t believe you said that, but you’re probably the only one who could.” And for the next 35 minutes we are laughing hysterically, making fun of each other.

When we were about to hang up, I said, “I have nothing to blog about, any ideas?”

“Blog about why you should never be a therapist.” HA.

…And then we laughed about how I would be in a session with someone and my responses would always be “REALLY so and so?”, which is apparently not how a therapist should respond.

So, my young girl dreams of becoming a child psychologist have been thrown out the window. My listening skills are in full force, but my letting my friends get away with saying things that are overly dramatic and absolutely untrue? Apparently that isn’t my strong suit. 

Ahh well… I learned that I’ll never be a professional tennis player either. Or a supermodel. Shucks.

p.s. My friend gave me permission to post about this.

p.p.s. Are you watching Love in the Wild? It is horribly stupid and terribly addictive.  Jenny McCarthy is obnoxious and the whole thing is over-rehearsed.  We watched last week’s episode last night and J said, “I want to watch the next one NOW, it looks like it’s going to be crazy!” HA.


p.p.p.s I am doing photo of the day July. Or trying.  Day 1 of 31 complete.  Off to a good start. 🙂

July 1 – self portrait:


(I don’t have a black eye, the picture is just filtered weird.)

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  1. i envy the “tell it like it is” gene. i’m stuck in the “just be nice and useless” gene. and by the way…i was thinking the other day, and i’m pretty i was wrong on my HBO star match guess. you look much more like the one that was on Mad Men…if you even know what in the hell i’m talking about. 😉

  2. i think you’re a pretty good therapist!
    and if you want to learn how to play tennis, i can teach you 🙂