three months.

Dear Simon,

I cannot believe that tomorrow you will be 3 months old. 13 weeks today!

Time is moving at a speed that I am not quite adjusted to yet. You are growing like a weed and changing daily.

I love watching you grow.

I think my favorite thing this month has been your more frequent laughter and smiles for miles (though you won’t let me capture them on camera!). Those sounds, that face, could light up an entire room. It certainly brightens our house!

The past few weeks you’ve had the biggest, full of wonder, eyes. When we take walks you look all around the stroller at cars and trees and people who pass you by. At home you’re interested in new noises and you stare endlessly at the mobile in our living room.

When you meet new people you look right into their eyes, seemingly ensuring that they’re ok to cuddle with. You warm up quite quickly though, leaning in for a snuggle almost immediately.

You really pay attention when we read to you. You look at the pictures and laugh when we use funny voices. When I sing to you your face beams… it makes me really happy.

I always wonder what you’re thinking about when your beautiful (still blue) eyes are wide open, taking it all in.

When you look at your bookshelf with contemplation I think about the stories you’ll create, hopefully share, and someday treasure.

When we sit in your chair and you look up at the airplane mobile I think about all of the trips that I hope we’ll take. Wishing that you are able to experience the world and cultures outside of your comfort zone and especially that you always have inquisitive eyes.

Sometimes we lay on your floor and you look longingly at the map on the wall. I am certain it’s the light and dark contrast of the image, but I also wonder if you’re secretly picking the places that you want to visit someday.

You are just starting to show an interest in toys.

Sophie the giraffe, a couple of brightly colored stuffed toys / rattles and your ball are your favorite. You can hold onto all of these things but then you’re not sure how to do what you really want, which is get them into your mouth.

You’re sleeping pretty well at night (usually) and taking better naps (sometimes) which I am thrilled by. You seem more awake during awake times and quickly fall asleep when it’s time for a nap. The sleep cycle still gets you during almost every nap, but you’re learning to self-soothe through it – with tears, unfortunately.

You’re really close to rolling over and you drag yourself across the blanket during tummy time. You’re soon going to be on the move!

I feel really lucky that I have been home with you to experience your new-found curiosity and watch you grow.

Hearing you cry when we are doing “cry it out” is the hardest part of my day but it’s our reality right now. We try to add in some extra snuggles, walks, and adventures to make up for it.

I know I ask you all day “do you know how much I love you?”… but really, that’s a trick question because the amount is immeasurable. Every day I love you more and more and more…your smile every time I ask tells me that you know, but I want you to remember forever.

No matter what.

I love you and am proud to serve as your mommy.






Photos by me, monthly stickers by Lucy Darling.

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  1. Mara, these photos are amazing!! Practice is paying off. Love it. He is THE CUTEST BOY EVER. Ugh, we need to locate these kiddos closer together or plan on their colleges strategically (Stanford? Yale? Ha, shooting high!). Your notes ALWAYS make me tear up.

    • Simon was waking multiple times a night after 2am and after he had just been fed. No one was sleeping from about 2-6am. We just felt that it was the best decision for our family to get him able to soothe himself back to sleep. I still nurse once in the middle of the night but he’s much more able to stay asleep after that feed. Also, he was a terrible napper – like 20-30 mins at a time. I felt like we were spending all day trying to get him to nap instead of him taking 3-4 solid naps. He was waking from nap super tired but couldn’t soothe himself through the sleep cycle. At his 2m appt his pediatrician suggested we could try CIO at close to 3m, so we did and so far it’s working. He actually seems happier too bc he’s more rested.