thursday thirty.

Just kidding… there’s no way that you want to hear thirty random things that I can come up with to fill that list. How about thirteen? Unlucky. 3? Sounds good.

  1. I took a sewing class last night. There was another Mara in the class. There were 4 people. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. She spelled it Maura (the wrong way, obvi), but pronounced it the same. Very random. Also random, as she was talking throughout the night I realized that we are really similar. With regards to the class, I learned A LOT. I should have taken the class when I was first learning instead of faking my way through because I learned some really basic, really helpful stuff. Also, my pillow is awesome (of course :)). I’m going to make another so I have a pair and then I’ll take pictures so that the 2 people who read my blog and might be curious can see them.
  2. Just kidding about 2 people reading – I know of at least 6.
  3. My dog has major gas. I know that’s not really pleasant to read about, but you should try sharing a room with him. He’s also snoring like a freight train. I guess he’s comfortable?
  4. I’m on a roll, I’m going to keep going. Screw the matchy matchy TH for day and number. Who created that rule anyway?
  5. I watched Sherry Turkle in this TED talk yesterday on being connected (to technology) but alone. She talked about how young people aren’t developing conversational skills and feel more comfortable emailing, texting and essentially hiding behind technology. As I sit here blogging (the irony!), I can’t help but feel thankful that I learned to hold a conversation when I was younger and to entertain myself without technology. That I know how to write a letter – in cursive no less! Her talk really got me thinking. She said something about how people are afraid to speak face to face because they don’t have full control over their responses (no delete key). There’s something a little sad about this…  I’m going to try to let go of my phone a little more – the knowledge that I am so connected is nice (I can leave home and still do what I need to do) but probably bad for my personal relationships. J and I have been doing this for a while now (no phone time when spending time together), but I could do more.
  6. That was a really long number 5.
  7. I think I’m going to make cake pops following this process for my SILs shower. I am dreaming of a huge dessert table. People think I’m crazy, but I think that’s fun and I’m the host, so there. Also, these look really easy. Also, good thing my Mom is coming early – LOTS of baking to be done. It will be funny when all desserts are lovely and homemade and all food (btw, what to serve??) is store-bought. Ha.
  8. In my dream home, the one that comes with a brick oven and Italian chef? Ya, that one… I also want a huge office like Blair had in Gossip Girl this week (and yes, I just admitted to still watching GG. Sue me.). I would have chosen different binders (<- no binders full of women jokes, please), but everything else is ok. 🙂
  9. P.S. Who has time to take still pictures of the TV??
  10. Look, I’m close to THirteen. Wild. But I am stopping. Not because I don’t think you don’t appreciate my witty, I’m just thinking that I am not going to give in to the blogosphere pressure to stick to the TH matchy matchy. Take that blog land!

It’s Friday eve!

0 thoughts on “thursday thirty.

  1. I want that office. No, seriously.

    I wanted you to go to thirty. Your posts are a very nice escape from work.

    It’s Thursday. In consulting world, that’s Friday, right? I’m dying.

    I hope that the girl was watching Hulu. But still.

    I need to watch that TED Talk. My little sister legitimately texts back every single time that I call her. It’s infuriating.

    Are you going to sew a pillow with our awesome fabric?!?!

    I need to learn how to bake. McKenzie and my other friend, Amanda, baked a cake last night and I just watched in awe. I LOVE cooking, but I cannot bake. I don’t eat eggs, so that’s limiting. There’s a vegan pumpkin pie recipe I plan on making. Isn’t Sasha lucky? 😉

  2. you make me laugh. also? i keep reading this title as “thirsty thursday”. proof i live a block off a college campus.