today was perfect.

Monday Randoms:

  • I woke up with a bit more spring in my step today and Cohen actually came upstairs with me AND ate his breakfast.  I know that doesn’t seem all that exciting to most of you, but lately Cohen has been finicky at meal time (still eats treats like they’re going out of style).  We realized that if we break up these fancy, banana chip wrapped in dried turkey (bluch!), treats in his food, he’s eager to eat.  Even with that, he doesn’t usually eat on Mondays (because he has depression from Mom’s imminent departure??) – but today, I woke up a bit earlier, I showed patience with my picky pup and we had time to cuddle before he ate.  I love that crazy dog. He must be prepping me for someday babies.
  • The Olympics make me giddy.  Hard work culminating in moments… completely crazy.  The best part was last night, looking over at J while he humored me watching woman’s gymnastics.  We were watching floor routines — lots of arm wiggles… J says, “I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be judging here…”. I couldn’t stop giggling…
  • Today I took a cab to Whole Foods in OKC to buy bananas. I asked the cab driver if he preferred a cash tip or a credit card tip. The response, “as long as I don’t get a damn banana as a tip, I don’t care.” He also told me that “because I am a lady” he didn’t believe that I would only be inside WF for 5 minutes. I proved him wrong.
  • I was supposed to do a 28 minute run tonight, but it was 108 in OKC after work and I hate the treadmill, so that means that it has to happen tomorrow morning. Good thoughts welcome, please.
  • I had a REALLY good day.
  • REALLY good.
  • My toenails look like shit, my eyebrows need some work and I have picked my fingernails to something ugly.  I could care less.
  • It’s going to be 111 on Wednesday.  Hold me.
  • I took pictures of my friend’s twins this weekend. They’re 2 weeks old and just left the NICU. They’re teeny tiny and so sweet.  I tried to put one in my purse but they probably would have noticed that one of them was missing.
  • In one month I will be in NYC for the US Open, Anna Banana time and a long weekend with J.  It’s so soon!!
  • Synchronized diving weirds me out, specifically with men.
  • I would like someone to redesign my blog.  I would also like someone to come over and teach me how to use CS5…and clean my closet.  I would also like my hairdresser to travel with me.  I would also like to win the lottery.  I feel like these requests are not outlandish.

Randomness over.

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  1. I would like to win the lottery too. And you DID IT (on your run yesterday morning!). You are the best! And I’d like my hairdresser to follow me around too. You’re going to the US Open? PB&Jelly, big time.

    That post was amazing. Touche.