travel bug.

I’ve caught the travel bug.

I know that seems a bit weird since I can barely get through a trip to Target without fussiness from a certain small family member, but I am hungry for travel. J and I are usually preparing for a trip to NYC at this time of year, enjoying a day at the US Open and spending the rest of the time roaming and being tourists.

For obvious reasons (eh hem, 2 month old), we aren’t going to NYC this year and that’s ok by me, but I’m still itching to take a trip – albeit someplace close and easy…and kid friendly. I’m not totally sure where this is, but if you have ideas for places to visit within a couple of hours of Chicago, I’m all ears (and packing our bags).

J suggested camping. I’m not entirely sure that he was joking either, but so that we’re clear, I refuse to entertain a camping trip with a two month old unless “camping” actually means nice hotel outside of Chicago with a spa. Ha.

We do have a couple of upcoming trips (and hope to pencil a few more onto the calendar quickly!)…

We are going to Mexico in December, so on Saturday we got Simon a passport. Taking his passport photo was pretty funny (J had to hold his flailing arms while I stood over him trying to get him to look up) – here are the outtakes. The many faces of Simon :).


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this kid – also, I’m biased, but he’s pretty stinking cute.

Note to self: Iron the white sheet before you use it again for a photo backdrop.

What are you planning for the upcoming long weekend?

Simon is wearing baby gap stripes (similar). He has a similar onesie in several different colors and they are my favorite!

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  1. SIMON! Oh my gosh. Al those faces. Love it! And the wrinkled sheet totally just looks like he’s hanging out in bed! Love.

    Camping. Sounds. Awful.

    Spa. Sounds. Perfect.

    I told Sasha I wanted to go to Paris this December with Isla and he laughed at me. So I suggested Hawaii. He’s not into my ideas. I am having a major travel bug too!! Maybe we take a girls trip πŸ˜‰

    I LOVE the new blog layout and fonts and everything!!! (Claps hands excitedly!)