I had an appointment with my doctor this morning and although everything looked decent with baby, my blood pressure was abnormally high in 2 readings, which can be a sign of Preeclampsia. My doctor sent me over to the hospital and into triage to have additional monitoring with the thought that if my blood pressure remained high (with other factors like protein in urine) she would induce. 

Insert mixed feelings.

On our way to triage J and I stopped for a bagel and fruit (you can’t eat once you’re in the hospital) and I sat nervously thinking about all of this.

40+2 is a perfectly acceptable time to have a baby, obviously, but being induced this week means that something is “wrong” and that made me really nervous.

When we got to triage I felt a little silly – there was another woman there who was CLEARLY in labor and I came strutting in like “heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, my doctor thinks my BP is too high – monitor me! Look at me, no pain! No contractions!”. We checked in, I met a nice nurse who I scared by telling her that I passed out last time I had an IV and then I got hooked up to the monitors and not one, but TWO IVs (the first one didn’t take).




At this point I told J that I deserved a sticker for being so brave (because I am 5) but I didn’t get one.

Long morning short, I was monitored for a couple of hours and only had a couple of readings that were abnormal blood pressure wise. Baby’s heart rate was completely normal and he is clearly content to stay put for a few more hours or days…they sent me packing.

The IVs were a waste. They were a “you’re probably going to be induced so we might as well just do this” measure to begin with. At least now I know I can get one (two!) and not faint?!

My doctor did set an induction date for next week, so if nothing else, by the end of next week I’ll hopefully have a happy, healthy baby in my arms. CRAZY.

I had one contraction when I was in triage, which felt like a start because I have to start someplace, right? 

It’s funny how you expect things to go in your head and then they just…don’t. I am SO grateful that baby and I are healthy, but it would also be awesome to just do this and stop thinking about it. 

So on that note, back to life I go. 

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  1. So glad you’re doing ok! Move… that… BABY!!! Take things easy peasy, friend 😉 and keep me posted!

  2. Oh man! They made you get the IV???? That is my least favorite part. Seriously. Worse than the contractions and the pushing. I was induced with all three for the BP…so I hear you on the “no fun-ness” of it all!! Having a baby makes you realize that…for the rest of your life…things will NEVER go the way you expect them! 😉 But yes…happy, heathy baby…he will be here soon!!!

  3. I literally held my hand over my computer screen to block your photo.

    I am in big trouble, aren’t I?

    Seriously though – although it sucks to keep waiting, I’m so glad that you and “Van” are healthy. I am still convinced I’ll be 14 days (or so) late.

    I am now SUPER NERVOUS that I’ll be sent to triage at my 40 week appointment tomorrow. I cannot, cannot, CANNOT deal with two IVs. I’ve never even had one.

    Oh boy.

    Praying for you constantly!!!!!! xo

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