ugh. adulthood.

I was out for dinner last Monday when I received a call from J that our ceiling was leaking. If you have spent time with me in person in recent months, you’ll know that J and I have been thinking about starting a hunt for a single family home. I’ll get back to that.

I came home pretty quickly because J doesn’t cry wolf about things like “water gushing from the ceiling” and when I got home, J was standing on the toilet in our guest bathroom holding a bucket to the ceiling.

He was super thrilled.

Lots of shenanigans occurred in the next few hours including calls to the condo association, but basically we were left with a huge pile of soaked towels, holes in the ceiling, water bubbles in the paint, wet floors and, of course, a huge and dirty mess. 

Condo ownership is fun.



That hole is the first of several, but where the water started. You can see the water damage all along the ceiling.

Long story short, the plumbers, who came the next day because we apparently didn’t warrant an “emergency” visit at 11PM, found a huge back-up in the common-element pipe that happens to run behind our walls. 

Let me take this opportunity to thank the idiot who flushed paper towels and “cloth” down the toilet in their condo — somewhere above us.

Luckily we have other bathrooms. Unluckily, this is the only bathroom that we actually still like. The colors in the upstairs bathroom and in our master bath are growing old and we were talking about re-doing them. OF COURSE the bathroom that we like is the one that gets the damage.

I am thankful that J was home when this happened because I would have been like, “water shutoff valve? What water shutoff valve?” “Stand under that whoknowswhereitscomingfrom water and catch it with a bucket? No thanks.”

I know that in the grand scheme of things this is MINOR damage. I get it. But ugh. If it was our fault, I would feel better about the amount of run-around needed to get this all repaired. Even if it was natural causes like rain, or something else totally out of our hands. But the truth is, it was caused by carelessness or lack of concern by our neighbors and that just pisses me off.

It’s probably the same neighbors who drop cigarette butts onto our porch. If I knew for sure who it was, I would ask them to stop — until I figure that out, I’ll just be a neighbor hater. 

I know that owning a single-family home would offer the same delights and likely more, but at least it would be OUR pipes and problems, not “common area elements” that we just have the pleasure of dealing with.

The insurance adjuster is on his/her way this week to assess the damage. He told me that they’ll likely have to tear up the entire floor downstairs, but he hasn’t seen it yet, so maybe not or we may be living upstairs for a few days.

Hopefully the condo association will pay us back and we can get back to normal soon. Normal including daydreams about an affordable, large, beautifully renovated, single-family home in a beautiful Chicago neighborhood near the lake. With perfect pipes. Too much? 

I hope that they guy / girl who stuffed inappropriate items into the toilet had a terrible hair day when their water was off and they couldn’t shower.

I’m cranky.

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  1. ooooh i’d be cranky too.
    SUPER cranky.
    that’s no good. :(((
    i’m so sorry.