ugh. week.

I had such good intentions for the week.

Work out every day.

Eat healthy.

Get my 10K steps a day.

Go to flywheel with Karma.

Connect with friends.


Clean my closet…

Tuesday I started shivering like crazy and by Wednesday mid-morning I was down for the count.

I haven’t been sick (like hug the toilet sick) in years. I can’t say I’ve missed it. 101 fever, chills, sweating, not eating… no thank you.

I’m currently surviving on purple Gatorade, sprite, and oyster crackers. I am dreaming of chicken soup but am a little afraid to eat it — maybe for dinner.

A big project that I’ve been working on went “live” today at work. That was exciting. I even lifted my head off of the couch for the momentous event. Wahoo!

My sister-in-law brought me flowers this morning, even after I told her that I shouldn’t babysit tomorrow night. I always knew that having a sister would be awesome. (No offense, Adam, I like you too.)


I saw my niece from afar when I opened the door — she’s still cute, I checked :).

I have been keeping up with Project Life and had huge intent to share 3 weeks this week… maybe tomorrow when it doesn’t hurt to move.

Oh flu shot, you lied to me. And you didn’t do your job. You’re fired.

Here’s hoping that I can go to RPM on Sunday night with my girlfriends. Michelle Obama went there last night for, according to NBC news, “a healthy Italian dinner” and I say that if it’s good enough for the First Lady it’s good enough for me!

Here’s also hoping (<– am I allowed to say that?) that Spring is around the corner. This snow business? I’m over it.

0 thoughts on “ugh. week.

  1. Please get better quickly!! Sleep, re-hydrate, sleep, re-hydrate and repeat. And then be better for RPM on Sunday. Michelle was just the warm up act for us 🙂

  2. Mara – why are you working when you are sick? Take a break, lady! Go sleep. And remember, chicken-less chicken noodle soup is the real cure 😉 I’m sorry to hear you’re unwell – but those flowers? Gorgeous! How fancy are you with your royal dinners.