Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

I am not much of a mushy Valentine’s Day lover, but the idea of kid crafts always gets my heart going. I perused the web and found some clever ideas for the littles… and yes, I included slime again (Valentine’s Themed!) because there’s been some serious slime love by my 2 year old niece these days…we even let Simon in on the slime action and he was a fan too (though his is inside a bag)…

I think I found some solid Valentine’s Day craft ideas… let me know what you think!

Valentine’s Slime & Crystal Hearts – both from the same blog (I could have spent hours scouring this blog alone!)


I’ve been thinking about dying rice for sensory bins… this Valentine’s Day sensory bin might be a good excuse.

This Sparkly Gel Dough looks REAL fun (and yet another blog to get lost in).

We’ve been saving a bunch of toilet paper tubes lately… these heart stamps seems like a perfect project!


I am seriously in love with these tissue bleed Valentine hearts. Yet another blog with GREAT reason to procrastinate.

Finger painted Valentine picture frame – I love this one because you can get crafty and save it with a picture!

I always love a good heart-shaped crayon.

Do you have any crafts on your list for Valentine’s Day? Link me to your ideas in the comments!

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